dedicated server

  1. HostSailor

    How To Secure Your Dedicated Server?

    Cyber-attacks have always been a problem. Moreover, they have increased a lot since the start of the COVID 19 pandemic. All sorts of cyberattacks have increased. Including, phishing attacks, DDoS and malware attacks. In addition, the numbers are even more distressing. As because the pandemic has...
  2. Marc van Leeuwen

    Should I change dedicated server after 3 years used?

    I have bought a dedicated server with 32GB of RAM since 3 years ago and still using till now, at the time I bought, its price is $35 / month, but now its about $42, my question is, at this price, I should buy a new server for better?
  3. radwebhosting

    NEW Xeon E3 and Dual E5 Clearout - 2x 2650v2 96GB RAM 4TB HDD $249 - 1230v1 32GB 2TB $99

    Rad Web Hosting is a leading provider of web hosting, VPS, cloud, and dedicated servers. We are clearing out the v1s and v2s and offering these deals for a limited time. Take advantage of these deals during this limited promotion, because they won't last! Huge Discount on 1230 w/ 32GB RAM...