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  1. J

    google search console

    I have submitted my site to google search console 3 days ago but google did not indexed yet my site... Someone was using my domain 2 years ago but after domain expiration, I purchased it and created the site. But there are still old pages exists in google search so my question that .. will...
  2. johnthan

    Facing sitemapindex error in google search console

    I am not sure if it is a good section to post this question. I am facing the sitemap submission error on Google search consoles. It says "sitemap index can be read, but has error". The reason is: Your sitemap or Sitemap index file doesn't properly declare the namespace. Examples: Line 1 Tag...
  3. Jojomilky

    What is the season why by page are not found in google search

    Most of my pages are not indexed in google search. Please is there anyone that can help me to resolve that issue
  4. Bestpsychichealers

    What is the best way to improve keywords ranking in Google search?

    As I have been working on the Astrology website for the past three months, some keywords used to rank on 1 and 2 pages, but now they are all gone. How can I improve my ranking again?
  5. Alicefeltch

    How do I find a website on google for broken links?

    Hello Folks, How we can find a broken link on google. Which techniques we should apply to get the broken link websites, that will get backlinks quickly.