1. anindahosting

    AH10292: Invalid proxy UDS filename - There is a new bug on Plesk servers using Ubuntu. Solution!

    Hello there, We discovered a new bug today and fixed it as soon as possible. We think some friends in the forum have encountered this error and are looking for a solution. The solution is very simple. Websites show the following error: AH10292: Invalid proxy UDS filename...
  2. RDO Servers

    RDO Servers + cPanel + LiteSpeed + CloudLinux + MariaDB = ULTIMATE Speed & Performance!

    Don't be fooled by those $1 hosts! Here at RDO Servers, we only provide the best. Your account will be housed on top of the line hardware that is built for speed, reliability, and scalability! Now offering Linux hosting with cPanel, LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, & MariaDB!!! Get the ULTIMATE speed...