1. harry2006

    I only built an on-site search engine, fuzzy query type

    Today I finished my search engine for 1688club.com, using word segmentation, fuzzy query, etc. The overall feeling is still very perfect and very handsome. looks like this:it's so fast,it doesn't search from database.
  2. J

    Sync attack query for domain

    Hello, On shared server, suppose there are large attack on one domain and domain is not using our nameservers, domain is using A record server IP so even we terminated that account, the attack is still large, in that case, even if we terminated account, the domain resolves from server so attack...
  3. H

    ServiceNow Encoded Query validation

    The problem is that if user specifies invalid query string (e.g. "?#@" or "sometext"), ServiceNow do not return any exception, but every row or no rows at all. Is there a way to check validity of encoded query via webservice?
  4. Website designer Punjab

    Is Creating Backlinks On Regular Backlinks Also Effect Website?

    Hello, I am doing SEO from last year and till now I worked on 50+ sites and ranked them successfully but I was always worked on two sites in one time which means 3 days a week on one site. But now I am working only on one site which means 7 days a week. So I want to know that creating backlinks...

    Which Social Media Platform Is The Best In Terms Of Targeting Niche?

    Hello sir, I am happy to be here, I am a Manager and Executive of a tiler company in Perth who deals in tiling stuff. I have my website in which I sell various products and services and till now I generate good customers and engagement, In terms of marketing I succeed in targeting my niche but...