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Real World/Road Rules Challenge (occasionally referred to as Real World vs. Road Rules) is the second season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge. Cast members from The Real World and Road Rules competed for their share of $50,000.The season marked the first time in which "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" would be used as the show's main title (by the 19th season, however, the program would be renamed yet again simply to The Challenge). In addition, it's one of two seasons absent of a subtitle (though the other, season 3, did have the year of its production as part of its title), a trend that wouldn't truly emerge until the show's 4th season.It is the first six-on-six Challenge in the series. The teams traveled via tour bus and RV starting in San Francisco, ending in Universal City, California, competing in different individual challenges. The winning team had the right to travel in a tour bus, while the losing team had to travel in an RV. Each time a team won an individual challenge, they won the right to spend time in a "money machine". The "money machine", set up outside Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California was a huge wind chamber that contained up to $50,000. Whatever the casts could keep on them, they were guaranteed to keep. This season also featured an additional challenge where the two teams competed over possession of a teddy bear. Whichever team had the teddy bear in their possession at an unknown, predetermined point in the challenge, would win the additional challenge.

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