1. kompulon

    Android vs iOS – which is better?

    Android vs iOS – which is better?
  2. hoangvu

    Programming language for android apps

    Good day everyone, With the popularity gained by the Android platform, more and more programmers, beginners and pros, are having a good interest in developing application for this platform. One of the first things to consider, perhaps, is the language to be used. The following are some of the...
  3. hoangvu

    Sony PSP's future, threatened by Android Gaming Apps

    Hello everyone, Lately, there has been a buzz over the internet that Sony PSP's future is greatly threatened by the presence of Android gaming apps. Here's the scenario. More and more consumers are hooked to patronizing the Android mobile products for several reasons. Among these reasons is...
  4. hoangvu

    iOS Vs. Android: The Pros and Cons

    Hello everyone, As we all know, Apple with its iOS platform has been a top player in mobile arena. It has been solid for a long time and seems to continue to be. However, there has been a revolution lately, as an open source Android gathers more and more strength in the market. It is undeniable...