1. Farris

    WTS A blog / forum / marketplace for just $100 USD

    Hello everyone, I have a site with 40 articles and more than 20 pages indexed on Google. The site is about buying and selling websites. The domain is two words .com Currently the site does not get any traffic, this is why I am selling it at this price. The template is very good and the website...
  2. Marc van Leeuwen

    What the best platform for creating Blog website in 2023?

    Which website platform is the most suitable for creating a website in 2023? Should I choose WordPress or Wix, or are there other better options available? I have read conflicting opinions about WordPress's performance in 2022, and I am unsure which platform to choose for my website. Any...
  3. Nemanja

    Adding a blog to a website, is it good or bad for SEO?

    Everyone thinks that adding a blog to a website can have a significant impact on its SEO efforts. By regularly publishing high-quality, relevant content, a blog can attract more traffic to the site and increase engagement with visitors, which are both positive signals to search engines...
  4. Farris

    WTS FarrisBlog - Simple PHP & MySQL Blog

    Hello guys, Today I have a great script for you ... I have been learning how to code for the past 10 years. And this is my latest product. It's a simple PHP and MySQL blog. It's very fast and responsive to mobile, tablets and desktop devices. Here is a link to the product:
  5. vishwa

    Selling My Blog

    Hello, I am selling my blog DA:- 9 PA:- 30 Traffic: 300 to 500 Monthly. The website is 5 Months Old. The domain is on Godaddy. Hosting on Godaddy Managed WordPress. The blog is monetized with affiliate marketing. Average making $100 Monthly. The Selling price is $300 Fixed...
  6. vishwa

    Free Guest Posting on my blog

    Hello, I am accepting free guest post on my blog Topics technology, Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Business, Marketing, etc. Interested people send me your content at: [email protected]. I will give one dofollow lik.
  7. Farris

    WTS For sale a blog / forum / marketplace about website reviews

    Website: Niche: Website and content reviews and feedback. What is the purpose of the site? the goal is to help each other get better with the help of others' feedback in website design, content writing, and more. Why am I selling? I like to build websites and sell them for...
  8. Farris

    WTS A Simple Blog Template For Just $14

    Complete with admin panel and mobile and desktop ready. Very simple design. Here is a demo: Let me know if you are interested, Farris
  9. luxeweb

    What language and topic is the blog in which it becomes popular faster?

    Hello, I want to become a blogger in the service of Blogspot (with subsequent monetization using Google AdSense) there are also blogs in the social networks Reddit, Tumblr,medium And such a question What language and topic is the blog in which it becomes popular faster and comparatively...
  10. vishwa

    Review My New Blog

    Hello All, I have started a new blog I request you all to please review it. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share them with me. It will help me to improve my blog.
  11. vishwa

    WTS Selling Ad Spaces On My Tech Blog

    Hello, I have 2 ad slots available on my tech blog ( at Sidebar. The Price is $25 per month. We accept 2 months of booking minimum. If you go for longer durations we offer discounts too. We do allow affiliate Banners too. Interested People can PM me for a quick deal.
  12. vishwa

    Free Guest Posting on Tech Blog

    I have started a new tech blog ( and working on it. I am accepting free Guest posting on my tech blog. Topics Technology, Gadgets, Crypto, Android You will get one do follow link in the article and the link will be permanent. If you are interested then please email me at...
  13. vishwa

    Review My New tech Blog

    Hello ALL, I have started my new tech blog I request you all to please review my new blog and give your feedback and suggestions if required.
  14. Farris

    Blog Template For $1.00 PayPal

    Hello webmasters, Today I have a script for bloggers. If you want to start a blog you should see if this template fits what you want. The template is very simple and easy to use. The template includes ... Admin panel. Responsive design. Multiple authors. Add, edit and delete posts. Add, edit...
  15. Vanya Walker

    Things to do After starting a blog

    Hello Guys, I have recently started an Education & career blog and I want to grow it, Please anyone tell me what are the important steps should I take to enhance my blog?
  16. Clay_P

    What are the best blog topics for Affiliate Marketing?

    As you all know, entering the affiliate marketing industry is very difficult nowadays because of the high competition. Any newcomer in this industry will find it hard to choose the perfect topic for his/her blogging website. I know that one should find a niche in which he is most interested or...
  17. Sisira

    What's the best niche to blog about?

    They say it's health, wealth, and self-help. but aren't these niches over-competitive?
  18. marselniz

    Blog for sale. New Car Models. Wordpress. Traffic 350-400 p/mo Price: $600 More than 700 posts. New Car Models 2018-2021 - Reviews, Release Date, Prices, Specs. Traffic Page Views: 500-600 p/mo Unique Visits: 350-400 p/mo Organic Search 84% Site Established July 2016 WordPress Unique design and content
  19. leopedia

    Website Blog On Sale Income - $200 to $300

    Hello Friends, I like to sell my website which have around $200 to #300 income per month from guest post, Adverstise and themes , Traffic is around 150k to to 200k, I can show you google analytics and verify everything let me know if anyone interested. Selling price is fixed no negotation -...
  20. Jitenbloggingtips

    Which is the best & easiest way to get traffic to blog for free??

    What are some best & easy way to get traffic to my blog for free??