1. iris0316

    Can anyone share insights about a good chat bot app?

    I am looking for a good IT helpdesk chatbot app for my website. I've contacted a few web developers but they're too expensive. Can anyone suggest a good option?
  2. Russellaga

    Amazon AWS 'bot' traffic? any idea what this traffic is and should i just block it?

    My website appears to be under seige from 3 Amazon AWS data centres Ashburn, Virginia USA Hessen, Germany Dublin, Ireland Although i only noticed in early March of this year it appears to have started from these 3 locations when our PPC campaign really started kicking in in late September 2020...
  3. miotastudio

    are trader robots useful?

    hello everyone, I heard that there is a robot that helps us in the process of buying and selling in trading, can such an application be trusted? even if so, please recommend a reliable trading robot whether paid or not.