1. rainmaker11

    Advice to Prevent Crashes and Damage for MySQL?

    Hey webmastersun community, I'm currently managing multiple websites on a VPS server, and I'm looking to ensure the stability and security of my MySQL databases. I want to avoid crashes and damages that could potentially affect the performance of my websites. I would love to hear from the...
  2. johnmth

    What is the difference between MariaDB and MySQL?

    I'm exploring the differences between MariaDB and MySQL for my database needs. Beyond the initial fork from MySQL, what specific technical distinctions exist between the two? I'm particularly interested in aspects like performance optimizations, storage engines, compatibility, and community...
  3. Farris

    WTS FarrisBlog - Simple PHP & MySQL Blog

    Hello guys, Today I have a great script for you ... I have been learning how to code for the past 10 years. And this is my latest product. It's a simple PHP and MySQL blog. It's very fast and responsive to mobile, tablets and desktop devices. Here is a link to the product:
  4. harrygreen90

    How to get best configurations for MySQL my.cnf

    What is the best way to to get best configurations for MySQL my.cnf? I want to configure my.cnf best for my server but not sure which tools or ways to do this? any suggestions?
  5. RDO Servers

    MySQL on IIS

    Hey everyone, I figured I would share something we recently learned about getting the best performance out of MySQL and IIS. We recently put up a test Wordpress site. One copy of it on our site, one copy on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). After running some speed tests, we realized our's...
  6. hoangvu

    Setting MySQL in CPanel

    Hi guys, Since mysql is undeniably the most popular open-source database tool, then it is practical for those who are like me who are starting to explore on the world of database. Since it is popular, I assume I would easily get a lot of help. Hopefully this will be a good start. My question...
  7. hoangvu

    Overview of MySQL Workbench

    Hello guys, MySQL is never in question to be the most popular open-source database tool. Going deeper into the digging of this very useful tool, means encountering something about server administration. Then finding this term MySQL Workbench. Can anybody here give me an overview of what this...