1. jeromebunker

    PPC vs SEO

    Hello forum members Let's discuss which is most preferably from you for more traffic PPC or SEO? Experts opinion, please.
  2. sapna47nearlearn

    the best techniques of SEO

    . Optimize Title tags 2. Optimize Meta descriptions 3. Content with targeted keyword phrases 4. Header tags and keyword phrases 5. Internal page linking with anchor text 6. Image ALT tags and filenames 7. Make content easy to read 8. Meta keywords
  3. M Reza Khan

    How many submissions are required for website in a month?

    Hi everyone, If I do off-page activities on my website like submission so what is the criteria of submission and how many submissions can I do in number?
  4. jeromebunker

    Which one is best backlinks strategy

    Hi friends Let's share your opinion on which one is the best backlinks techniques > Guest Blogging > Forum Discussion > Article Submission > Social Bookmarking > Web 2.0 > Video Marketing
  5. justin ng

    What skills are needed for SEO?

    Hi everybody. I am a beginner to learn SEO. let me ask the skills and tools needed for SEO work when studying thanks
  6. nilpotter

    Best Off Page Technique for 2021

    Hi, all webmastersun forum friends Let's share at least one best off-page tips for 2021. Feel free to share it with all guys. Thanks in Advance.
  7. escale4176

    Free Guest Posting Opportunity on Escale Solutions - Do-follow Link

    Hi Friends, We are accepting free guest posting on our site: Escale Solutions. Details are as under: Site DA: 23 Niches: Web design & development, Digital Marketing, Startups, App development, SEO, Content writing, etc. Will get a do-follow link in the author bio. For more details, please PM me.
  8. Z

    How do I move my blog to a new domain without losing SEO?

    How do I move my blog to a new domain without losing SEO?
  9. escale4176

    Review my site and give on-page SEO suggestions

    Hi guys, I'm doing SEO for my site: Please review or audit my site and provide your thoughts/suggestions for improving on-page SEO for this site. Does anybody tell me the sites which can do free SEO audit? Waiting for your responses... Thanks,
  10. AyoAjayi

    Charging for SEO, Per month or per project? And what is the minimum?

    A friend of mine is having problem with how he will charge a customer. I would really appreciate your contribution. ASAP. Thanks
  11. makemywebsite

    How Blogging Plays An Important Role In Your Website’s Growth?

    Maintaining a blog is no longer just an artist’s passion; in fact, it has become an essential tool for every business today as by curating quality content on your website, you can empower your website’s SEO as well.
  12. ethelglover

    What is Broad keyword

    Hi friends, Let's share your thought on what is the broad keyword? Expert opinion, please. Thanks regards
  13. nilpotter

    Best Keyword Ranking Report Tool

    Hi all, I'm looking forward keyword ranking report tool. Can you suggest some best keyword ranking report tools?
  14. susanburling

    How to diversify Heading tags with the same keyword?

    Hi, How to diversify Heading tags with the same keyword in H1, H2, H3, etc? If you know a website for an example please share
  15. susanburling

    How to gain an extra advantage of anchor text in SEO?

    Hello Guys, Anybody has any Idea to take extra benefit of backlinks? Please share your unique way..
  16. susanburling

    How to exclude duplicate content from being indexed by Google?

    Hello experts, If we found a duplicate content on a website what should we do to not get penalized? Can we stop them from being indexed in Google?
  17. escale4176

    What are the SEO Interview Questions and Answers for 2020-21?

    Hi, Can anyone provide me the list of SEO questions and answers that are and will be mostly-asked in SEO interviews in 2020-21? Thanks!
  18. Jomi


    Hi everyone. It's nice to meet you all.
  19. escale4176

    Are paid SEO tools neccessary for result-oriented SEO campaigns?

    Hi, I'm not sure about this. Do we need to buy a paid SEO tool to rank our keywords on the top page of Google? Can't we use free SEO tools available on the web to get the desired results? Please advice!
  20. escale4176

    How can I bring traffic to my webpage titled "Write for Us - Free Guest Post"?

    Hi Guys, Recently, we have introduced a Guest post concept on our official site "Escale Solutions". Currently, we are accepting well-written guest post articles on topics like web design, web development, digital marketing, SEO, online business, etc. with a Do-follow link in the author bio...