1. jackdaniel

    Can i target more than 1 keyword on one page?

    Can i target more than 1 keyword on one page? is it possible or Not
  2. jackdaniel

    My WordPress website meta title till now has not changed?

    Hi Team, I am new in seo prcoess.. I have some doubts. currently, I have updated my WordPress website title, description, keywords in march month, but still not updated on google why... it automatically fetch my webpage content .. any reasons...
  3. emilyfrank

    IS Paraphrasing tool helpful in SEO?

    Yes! It is very helpful for SEO. Because Plagiarised content can damage your Google ranking and also your SEO. BY paraphrasing tool you can make a new and unique article from plagiarised content. Paraphrasing tools have abilities to change synonyms of words and create new. These tools have...
  4. Bestpsychichealers

    How Increase Organic click for Canada location websites?

    Hi Friends I am working on a website that is a Canada-based location website most of the organic clicks I m getting from India only why?. How to increase organic click from Canada Location?
  5. williamkimbler

    What is the best SEO ranking factor do you focusing now?

    Hey all forum friends Can you tell me, please What is the best SEO ranking factor do you focusing on now?
  6. Tuyulonline


    How to get YouTube videos to appear in search
  7. Vanya Walker

    How to create off-page SEO strategy?

    My website is new and I want to create a backlink strategy for it, which will help me to rank my website on the SERP's first page. But where do I start? Please, everyone, help me to create a backlink-building strategy.
  8. williamkimbler

    What is your Search Engine ranking goal?

    Hi guy's Let's discuss what is your search engine ranking goal? Only ranking or traffic. Actually, I need both of them. Obviously first page also.
  9. Twigstix

    Is there a free SEO service or a way to do free SEO yourself?

    Looking for a FREE way to optimize my website. I know you can get free audits but then you have to pay to get them corrected.
  10. Dopani

    Enable or disable Cloudflare proxy, which one is better for Local SEO?

    I have a website and doing SEO for Asia area, i bought a server at a server at the country that I want to have higher rankings there, but i am confusing an issue, should I enable Cloudflare proxy to make website run faster on global but enable that it will hide IP for local/ country that I am...
  11. pedrozakeri

    Does AMP affect the growth of pages and ctr?

    Hi friends, I have a question, based on your experience, does AMP affect the growth of pages and ctr? Now I have brought my site to AMP. I was hesitant to decide whether to stay or not because my income has decreased.
  12. Vanya Walker

    How many pins do I post on Pinterest?

    Hello Guys, I am new to Pinterest, Recently my account gets suspended on Pinterest but now I have my account back. I want to grow my Pinterest account. Please anyone can guide me on how many pins daily should I post to get maximum views and engagements? Can I give a link with each pin? with one...
  13. Alicefeltch

    How do I know if the SEO company is doing ethical work?

    Hello guys. I'm working as an SEO executive. Please guide me How do I know if the SEO company is doing ethical work?
  14. Kimmysled

    WTS Selling SEO backlink in Thailand

    Hi! I come from Playboss media company. We offer Thai Link building service. All the links will be Do-follow and it will be contextual links from real Thailand sites with Real traffic. Get your website to rank Higher by Doing Quality Guest post with us. For more information, please contact...
  15. ShohayebShihab

    Conversation Starter

    Hi there! I am Shoahyeb Shihab is an SEO guy. I have joined you here as a newbie. Welcome me and provide me the terms & conditions of this forum. Thanks in advance!
  16. susanburling

    Can we use other website image on our website?

    Hi, Can other website images be used on our website by providing its source? Any other ways to avoid image copyright issue Examples might be more helpful Thank you
  17. williamkimbler

    Content or Backlinks

    Content is the king. The backlink is a significant part of SEO. My confusion is what are the most considerable things in SEO?
  18. sivantafoundations

    What are the top 5 off-page techniques to rank in Google?

    Hello Friends What are the top 5 off-page techniques to rank in Google?
  19. Lovelytony22

    Can 3 do-follow backinks in a guest post of 500 words hurt my SEO?

    I am a little confused writing a guest post of 500 to 600 words with 3 do-follow backlinks to my website(same domain). Can this have any negative effect on my SEO? Someone should clarify it for me. Thanks.
  20. bijutoha

    How effective is Auto SEO?

    I'm perplexed with automatic SEO :( In this respect, when someone pushes me to obtain any Auto SEO offerings, I honestly get more perplexed. I'm aware that numerous companies provide Auto SEO, such as SEMALT, but I'm interested in learning more about its effectiveness. What advantages and...