1. ShohayebShihab

    Conversation Starter

    Hi there! I am Shoahyeb Shihab is an SEO guy. I have joined you here as a newbie. Welcome me and provide me the terms & conditions of this forum. Thanks in advance!
  2. susanburling

    Can we use other website image on our website?

    Hi, Can other website images be used on our website by providing its source? Any other ways to avoid image copyright issue Examples might be more helpful Thank you
  3. williamkimbler

    Content or Backlinks

    Content is the king. The backlink is a significant part of SEO. My confusion is what are the most considerable things in SEO?
  4. sivantafoundations

    What are the top 5 off-page techniques to rank in Google?

    Hello Friends What are the top 5 off-page techniques to rank in Google?
  5. Lovelytony22

    Can 3 do-follow backinks in a guest post of 500 words hurt my SEO?

    I am a little confused writing a guest post of 500 to 600 words with 3 do-follow backlinks to my website(same domain). Can this have any negative effect on my SEO? Someone should clarify it for me. Thanks.
  6. bijutoha

    How effective is Auto SEO?

    I'm perplexed with automatic SEO :( In this respect, when someone pushes me to obtain any Auto SEO offerings, I honestly get more perplexed. I'm aware that numerous companies provide Auto SEO, such as SEMALT, but I'm interested in learning more about its effectiveness. What advantages and...
  7. Marc van Leeuwen

    Does Page Speed Affect SEO & Google Rankings?

    I heard that web page speed affect SEO and google rankings but I don't believe in this, is there an announce from Google for this algorithm? or how to measure its effect? I said this because my website has load pretty slow but it was still in first page of Google results for more keywords. Any...
  8. kinglion

    What is E-A-T & How it’s Importance for SEO

    In 2018, after the Google core algorithm update, there have loads of articles on E-A-T. What is E-A-T? E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness and this concept is clearly mentioned in Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines. Expertise — It refers to the creator of the...
  9. soniarunnyc


    I am a Digital Marketer web app designer developer having 10+ years of experience in Planning, design, Marketing and development of businesses.
  10. kinglion

    Things You Need To Know About Backlinks Today in SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) unfolds with different functions and tasks on the queue, “Backlink” has a high weightage and essential aspect for SEO because it signals the search engine to discover pages on the web. Search engines spider or bot crawl websites following links to other pages...
  11. emmie91

    How do you measure SEO success?

    How do you measure SEO success?
  12. webcastletech

    Is SEO a better Option than PPC?

    Hi folks, Will it be more beneficial if we focus more on SEO rather than spending more on PPC? Please share your thoughts!
  13. Russellaga

    Can anyone recommend a great SEO course?

    I need to learn and learn fast :) I've got a trial running, have tried diib, will look at AHrefs and have been looking through hubspot recomendations for learning SEO but if anyone who has started this journey and is actively achieving results, could you give me some pointers please?
  14. sonnyside


    Webmaster sent me here. I'm Sonny. I'm a graphic designer that picked up video editing, website design, SEO & SEM by myself. Well, job requirements pushed me into it. But, yeah. I have no regrets. Glad to be here.
  15. Kaushika

    Why is my page missing from Google Search?

    Hi everyone I'm facing some difficulty to rank my website on top of the SERP results, as i am new to SEO please give me some working tips for rank my website high. Keyword: Couplings Website: Thanks for your time.
  16. jeromebunker

    PPC vs SEO

    Hello forum members Let's discuss which is most preferably from you for more traffic PPC or SEO? Experts opinion, please.
  17. sapna47nearlearn

    The best techniques of SEO?

    1. Optimize Title tags 2. Optimize Meta descriptions 3. Content with targeted keyword phrases 4. Header tags and keyword phrases 5. Internal page linking with anchor text 6. Image ALT tags and filenames 7. Make content easy to read 8. Meta keywords Above are SEO techniques that I think they are...
  18. M Reza Khan

    How many submissions are required for website in a month?

    Hi everyone, If I do off-page activities on my website like submission so what is the criteria of submission and how many submissions can I do in number?
  19. jeromebunker

    Which one is best backlinks strategy

    Hi friends Let's share your opinion on which one is the best backlinks techniques > Guest Blogging > Forum Discussion > Article Submission > Social Bookmarking > Web 2.0 > Video Marketing
  20. justin ng

    What skills are needed for SEO?

    Hi everybody. I am a beginner to learn SEO. let me ask the skills and tools needed for SEO work when studying thanks