1. J

    Wanting to move on from Wordpress

    Hello everyone, What is a solid platform that you would recommend other than Wordpress? I have been using it for nearly a decade and am very familiar with it; however, I am thinking that there are newer and easier-to-use ways to make a website these days. I am mainly wanting something to create...
  2. J

    Website speed or design appearance which is important for SEO

    We have a website which we developed with minimum images and scripts, so it is loading in below 1.5 second and its page size is 290.0 KB only, but it will not getting better result in google even it has a good amount of backlinks too. that’s why we have a doubt about its layout?
  3. J

    Website speed optimization for WordPress

    My WordPress site, which I built using the Elementor page builder and the Hero Business cloud hosting with Litespeed server enabled, loads quite slowly on both desktop and mobile devices. how to speed up the loading of websites. There are only 6 posts and 21 pages on the little website. I need...
  4. Marc van Leeuwen

    Does Page Speed Affect SEO & Google Rankings?

    I heard that web page speed affect SEO and google rankings but I don't believe in this, is there an announce from Google for this algorithm? or how to measure its effect? I said this because my website has load pretty slow but it was still in first page of Google results for more keywords. Any...
  5. WP-Legends

    WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Make Your WordPress Super Fast

    We are a team of WordPress experts who focuses on WordPress speed optimization. What will we do for you? Google Page / Pingdom / GTMetrix Speed Optimization Mobile Loading Speed Optimization Extra Loading Speed Optimization Optimize All Images WordPress Update Reduce the number of plugins Use...
  6. RDO Servers

    Get Cloudflare Raildgun for FREE

    Supercharge your website now, with Cloudflare Railgun for FREE! Railgun achieves a 99.6% compression ratio which results in an average 200% additional performance increase. Railgun usually requires a Business or Enterprise account with Cloudflare ($200/month or more)! RDO Servers, a Certified...