1. johnmth

    Is it possible to convert Wordpress site design in Joomla?

    Hello, Is it possible to convert wordpress site design in joomla ? Thanks
  2. M

    What are the must-have features of an ecommerce website's design?

    I want to hear your thoughts on this topic. I think there is a list of design features that every website must have to stay competitive in the market. A user-friendly menu; Advanced search function and filtering; Call-to-action buttons; Popups; Product catalog; Product page. What have I...
  3. J

    Wanting to move on from Wordpress

    Hello everyone, What is a solid platform that you would recommend other than Wordpress? I have been using it for nearly a decade and am very familiar with it; however, I am thinking that there are newer and easier-to-use ways to make a website these days. I am mainly wanting something to create...
  4. J

    Website speed or design appearance which is important for SEO

    We have a website which we developed with minimum images and scripts, so it is loading in below 1.5 second and its page size is 290.0 KB only, but it will not getting better result in google even it has a good amount of backlinks too. that’s why we have a doubt about its layout?
  5. Upvote Market

    Can i learn graphic design without any help?

    Can i learn graphic design without any help? i want to learn graphic design but dont know where should i learn do suggest some courses available online?
  6. edwineholland

    What do you think about web design? Do I need to make any changes?

    Hello guys, I'm a junior UI/UX designer and just recently I've been asked to create this website This is my best project thus far and I am going to do my best to complete it perfectly but I do not have much experience and skills and just learning while working. Could you give me...
  7. Zoroanime

    Please review my anime website

    Hey everyone, We have just launched ZORO - a free site to watch anime online : Here is a detailed list of Zoro’s features: - Complete Safety - Extensive Content Library - 1080 HD Quality - Fast Daily Updates - Fast Loading Times - Seamless Player Feature - Mobile Friendly and Chromecast...