1. Alicefeltch

    What is the most common reason for Job rejection?

    Facing rejection from the job so many times. What can be the reasons for rejecting the job application? Has anyone faced such a phase and then did you get a good job? Share your rejection story.
  2. Alicefeltch

    How Can I Become a Good Language Translator?

    Hello Guys, Please guide me, How Can I Become a Good Language Translator? Which skills need to work as a professional translator.
  3. Kimmysled

    Online education in Situation of Covid?

    Base on in Situation of Covid. most of the students have to study at home so I want to ask what is an effect to your child. In my case, my 2 nephews cannot focus while they have class and when the teacher gives them homework they can't really do it!:mad: