1. J

    Directories for hosting

    Hello, Does anyone have high DA and PA Global targeting directories for webhosting business?
  2. J

    Question about Reseller hosting with dedicated IP

    Hello, Suppose we have reseller cpanel hosting with dedicated IP address and reseller hosting have 10 cpanel accounts. How can we use that dedicated IP for all 10 cpanel accounts? Thanks
  3. CotashCatcher

    What do I need to know before creating a website?

    Hi all. Can you tell me what I need to know before I create my website about hosting in general? Maybe there is an adequate guide, where you could read about it?
  4. genxy

    Should I use basic hosting or website builder and what about software vs own html?

    Hi everyone, I have been out of the game for the last 15 years and I am ready to jump back in. My plan is create a landing page/website that feeds traffic to an online casino. I need some advice on where to get hosting and if I should use any of these "website builder" services like wix or...
  5. Brandan Maclam

    Which Hosting is Best for Automation Work on Wordpress Site?

    Hello Everyone, Recently I started a project and want to add automation software for my website, but my current hosting doesn't support it. Kindly suggest me the best hosting for my automation work.
  6. MhostR

    HostRound LLC - Premium WordPress Hosting - cPanel, Free SSL, LiteSpeed | 50% OFF

    Why HostRound WordPress Hosting? - Websites hosted on 16 Cores / 32 Threads Intel Xeon E5 CPU Servers - Pure SAMSUNG SSD storage - High Availability, Redundancy and Connectivity Failover (100% Uptime) - Tier-3 Datacenters - Daily backup in two secured locations - LiteSpeed Webserver with...
  7. M

    Wordpress website security issues and hosting problems

    Hello Everyone! The issue is that I have to deal with malware every day. Due to this, I’m unable to operate my websites. I contacted support services and they said there was a malware attack and you should have removed it. I don’t know how to do it.
  8. Dyna

    shared hosting or VPS?

    I mostly use wordpress for blogging as well as for landing pages. Would I see a difference If I host on a VPS? I have an admin I work with that can manage it, I just wonder if it is worth the extra cost? Anyone have experience with this?
  9. J

    Unaware of the location of my website's hosting? How do I find?

    It's a strange inquiry, but I'm attempting to determine the location of the website's hosting for the charity that I work for. I can see that the domain is registered using our Godaddy account, and when I looked at the DNS entries, I assumed that the server IP would be the entry with the name...
  10. SenseiSteve

    What dedicated hosting providers are now accepting cryptocurrencies

    A while back, I opened a thread elsewhere asking which dedicated server hosting providers accepted cryptocurrencies. I was actually surprised how many providers did. Apparently, the crypto industry is in a slump right now with only 14% of financial advisors recommending crypto investments...
  11. WebsiteIntegrations

    WTS Multiple Hosting and Service Related Website For Sale (domain, logo, content)

    We will now be creating and selling premade websites complete with domain name! Currently we have: Hosting Sites: ImmerseHost.Com - $50.00 AccelerateVPS.Com - $55.00 ComparisonHost.Com - $60.00 (this one is not a hosting site but a Hosting Affiliate site for making money) * all hosting...
  12. BossLady

    Profit from Virtual Bingo

    Hi guys, How do you host your own virtual bingo and make a profit?
  13. 1001Harry

    How to move your site to another hosting?

    Hi everyone. I want to change my hosting provider. How much time does it take and is it hard to do?
  14. Charlotte

    How can I purchase unlimited hosting plan in India?

    Can any one suggest me best unlimited hosting provider with this configuration:- Free Domain Daily Backup 24/7 Support Host Unlimited Websites Unlimited Email Accounts NVMe SSD High Bandwidth Please suggest me best unlimited hosting server provider.
  15. WebsiteIntegrations

    WTS Multiple Hosting and Service Related Website For Sale (domain, logo, content)

    We will now be creating and selling premade websites complete with domain name! Currently we have: Hosting Sites: VPSsquad.Com - $65 TwinkleHost.Com - $65 * all hosting sites include domain, content, logo as well as your choice of matching Blesta, WHMCS or ClientExec theme! Services...
  16. fashionassb

    Quality Web Hosting to use for a New Agric-tech start up

    Greetings to all hard working techies on the platform, I 'd like to get top 3 - 5 web hosting company to sign up with for an Agric-tech start up. Web hosting company with reputation ,performance scalable and start up friendly. Please do not include "namecheap" I know we maybe tempted to do so...
  17. anindahosting

    HOT Shared Hosting - $3.90/mo | Free Layer 3, Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS Protection

    Hello there, Check out our affordable, ddos protected and shared hosting packages from Prices are listed without VAT. We accept payments by Credit Card, Crypto Virtual Money and Wire Transfer. Premium Shared Hosting => $3.90 1 Website 10 Subdomain 1 Core CPU 1 GB Memory...
  18. anindahosting

    SELLING Anti-DDoS Hosting for websites. Learn more about our powerful DDoS Protection service today!

    Hello, Are hackers threatening your website with a DDoS attack? Do not worry! We block 100% of DDoS attacks on your website. Visit our website now and check out our anti ddos hosting plans. We do not force you to make long-term payments. By paying monthly, you can have a plan that fits your...
  19. Marc van Leeuwen

    Reseller hosting or Unmanaged VPS hosting?

    I have a few websites and want to host them on a decent hosting server, I am thinking about buying a VPS but its unmanaged one hence its doesn't have a hosting control panel, If I buy VPS I also need to buy license monthly for hosting control panel while reseller hosting is free of hosting...
  20. Marc van Leeuwen

    Should I change dedicated server after 3 years used?

    I have bought a dedicated server with 32GB of RAM since 3 years ago and still using till now, at the time I bought, its price is $35 / month, but now its about $42, my question is, at this price, I should buy a new server for better?