1. Silkie

    Looking for WYSIWYG html editor that is free or paid with crypto

    Does anyone know about a WYSIWYG html editor that is free or paid with crypto. Thank you
  2. genxy

    Should I use basic hosting or website builder and what about software vs own html?

    Hi everyone, I have been out of the game for the last 15 years and I am ready to jump back in. My plan is create a landing page/website that feeds traffic to an online casino. I need some advice on where to get hosting and if I should use any of these "website builder" services like wix or...
  3. A

    html front-end

    hello word! im from mexico and i want to now how to create a form in html have a nice day
  4. golexasoft

    Front-end Development Services - Html5, Css3, Javascript, jQuery

    Hi, I have worked as a front-end developer in the field of information technologies and marketing for many years. I developed interfaces for many corporate websites, automation software, mobile applications and more. As a freelancer, I want to do front-end development works here in Webmastersun...
  5. SitePro

    What's Your Favorite Editor?

    WYSIWYG or text/code editor? Which one? Not just which type, but what editor is the one you download and install right away to use on a new computer? My favorites: Dreamweaver CS3 (NOT CC! It's an incredible piece of crap) (Windows or Mac) NoteTab Pro 7.X (Windows) Mobirise (3 or 4)...
  6. hoangvu

    Difference between HTML and xHTML

    Hello everyone, Web design beginner here, but I have been using HTML for quite a while now. I have not tried xHMTL though. Frankly speaking, I have no idea how xHMTL is different with HTML. Of course, I've been I know it is better than HTML as it I've heard it makes more dynamic web page...