1. YasirKhan1

    Pages not getting indexed

    I am running a tool-based website that is 6 months old and has 26 pages and posts. I am facing indexing issues. Even though it has SEO-optimized and AI-free content, keyword density is also maintained according to Google requirements after the last update, but still, my published posts or pages...
  2. johnmth

    indexing on bing

    Hello, We had submitted blog website to bing and it was indexed well but after one year, we noticed that bing removed all pages without any notification... So we resunmitted pages again 15 days but bing indexed only main page.... May I know why bing not indexing all pages? or does it take...
  3. turboxtraffic

    A page with a large number of subpages?

    Hello. How to index several thousand subpages of a website? Do every page need to have backlinks?
  4. brycek379

    How can I remove old URLs from Google's index?

    Greetings, I search for advice. Lately, I've been changing the URLs of some pages on my site, and now Google has included all the URLs, both old and late, in the index. Which way do I delete old URLs from the index without loss?
  5. simonhayes

    sitemap is not updating

    hi, everyone i am having a problem related to the sitemap. I have a website and I am publishing content on it but, my blog's links are not appearing in the sitemap.xml ( website made on WordPress and it has Yoast plugin for SEO) so, anyone may suggest to me what to do? (because of it pages are...
  6. S

    rss feed and Search engine optimization alert

    //may this is duplicate i am using rss feed for my website,the rss feed is create from php and mysql dynamically; i read that rss feed is help in indexing; now, my question is how i know that search engine is indexed my pages using my rss feed so i only include new content in next rss feed;
  7. galiresult

    Anyone Facing issue in Indexing and Redirect

    I'm working on a website and got problem with irrelevant indexing of pages and thus my ranking drops. It's due to 301 redirection , so should I remove them ?
  8. Frano

    Daily analysis - should I allow indexing on Google

    I have daily analysis on the same topic so I am not sure should I allow indexing these post each day or should I remove them from indexing to avoid some problems in serp rankings? I am asking because the daily analysis covers the same topic each day.
  9. Content by Rhonda

    Do You Feel That Pinging or Indexing Each Blog Post is Important

    There are places like Pingler and PingFarm where you can ping and even index your blog post if you choose. I've heard people say you should do this with every new blog post. Do you feel this helps to get your post indexed in the search engines any faster? I'm certainly not an expert in this...