1. webcreations

    Google Adsense Ads.txt File Issue

    Hello Friends I need small help related to ads.txt file. I added AdSense code snippet, Snippet and Meta tag. But still it is showing File is Not Found. I also checked with other websites. There is a lot of data in your ads.txt file. If you can help me fix this, I would be very grateful.
  2. Tiptopranking

    Keywords cannibalization issue

    Good day! We observe the following problem: Google constantly changes one product page to another in search results. Keywords cannibalization occurs. The issue is that the site has different color versions of the same products under different URLs. F.e. we have page with bath tray in Natural...
  3. simonhayes

    sitemap is not updating

    hi, everyone i am having a problem related to the sitemap. I have a website and I am publishing content on it but, my blog's links are not appearing in the sitemap.xml ( website made on WordPress and it has Yoast plugin for SEO) so, anyone may suggest to me what to do? (because of it pages are...