1. macfanpl

    Is Joomla worth trying?

    Bought a server ( HPE Proliant 10th gen, soroShitt ), and want to start news-farout. Ive installed BOTH on it, nothing special, some old behaviour......... Any thoughts?
  2. hoangvu

    Joomla vs. Wordpress: Which is the better CMS?

    Greetings to all, CMS stands for Content Management System. With the help of this great tool, building and maintaining websites has become a lot easier than before. If you are planning to build your website now, with the use of CMS, you will most likely encounter the two titans in this...
  3. F

    looking for The best way to learn web design and development!

    hi all! i am graphic designer and I have more free time and I want to design website then what is the best way to learn web design and development? please suggest me some ways ? :confused:
  4. H

    SMS component to Joomla

    I need sms component for Joomla to send automatic sms to my website users in case of each login. They will get a registration code on their phone that they need to enter at website login. I found an OzekiSMS module to joomla ([/url] ... e-134.html) which will be good...
  5. C

    WTS Free Extension for Virtuemart- Horizontal log-in module

    Horizontal log-in module for Virtuemart 2.0 and Joomla 2.5 Product detail: This is another improvement from Netbase team to supply back to Virtuemartcommunity a excellent horizontal login module for Virtuemart. The module is...