1. onemoreroti

    What is website Optimization?

    Mention the process of improving various aspects of a website to enhance its performance, user experience, and overall effectiveness.
  2. Nemanja

    How does including different languages on a website impact its search engine optimization (SEO)?

    While offering content in multiple languages can be helpful for reaching a wider audience and improving user experience, some website owners may be concerned that it could negatively impact their SEO efforts. However, the impact of multilingual content on SEO is not necessarily straightforward...
  3. p_wagner954

    I need help with the external optimization of my website

    Hey guys! I’m a newbie at SEO and need your advice. I sell game servers, and I’m done with the internal optimization of my website. So, what’s the next step for its external optimization? Thank you for your answers in advance.
  4. J

    Website speed optimization for WordPress

    My WordPress site, which I built using the Elementor page builder and the Hero Business cloud hosting with Litespeed server enabled, loads quite slowly on both desktop and mobile devices. how to speed up the loading of websites. There are only 6 posts and 21 pages on the little website. I need...
  5. C

    How many types of Search Engine Optimization?

    How many types of Search Engine Optimization? which one is most strong and important.
  6. S

    rss feed and Search engine optimization alert

    //may this is duplicate i am using rss feed for my website,the rss feed is create from php and mysql dynamically; i read that rss feed is help in indexing; now, my question is how i know that search engine is indexed my pages using my rss feed so i only include new content in next rss feed;
  7. SitePro

    Hello Everyone, What's Up?

    I was actually asked to post here, I guess not so much, now. Glad to finally find the introduction board. I started out as an artist looking to show-off my portfolio on the web in 1996. My college information systems manager liked what I did and gave me more stuff to do. I wound-up starting a...