1. monjur

    What are the new features in PHP 8?

    Hi everyone, Can you tell me what are the new features in PHP-8?
  2. hoangvu

    Setting up PHPMyAdmin

    Hello everyone, I just started exploring PHP and MySQL as these two are like husband and wife. Now it's time to jump with hosting lessons. Then here comes a very good hosting services offered by PHPMyAdmin. It's also open-source and free, so I wanna grab the chance learning it. I wanna take it...
  3. hoangvu

    PHP and MySQL tag team

    Good day everyone, I learned that many web developers are using PHP as their language of choice. It's a simple program to learn, as they say. To those who are just starting to learn like me, there are plenty of references over the internet which are truly helpful. One thing that I also notice...
  4. EasySiteNetwork

    WTS FREE! EasySiteNetwork Facebook Like Polling Script - Now with Video Polls!

    Download your free copy now! EasySiteNetwork scripts are going free. We are have and you get to benefit as all of our scripts are going free. The Like Poll script is a big hit on Facebook thanks...