1. Games

    My website was accepted to Google News!

    My website Kodi Beginner was accepted to Google News: Great progress for us :cool:
  2. Dopani

    Backup and restore a website from a server on another server?

    I am using cPanel, i want to move a website from a server to another server in a quickest way. Is there a simple way to backup and restore a website on a new hosting?
  3. W

    My tech website is not caching In Bing?

    I have a tech support website that I want to cache in bing. I have tried everything but it still not caching by bing so please suggest to me your answers.
  4. shobi97

    How do I conduct keyword research for my website?

    Hello, How can i research keywords for ranking my website? How can i know that which keyword is best for my site seo purposes? please advice me!
  5. shobi97

    How could rank my website using backlink??

    Hello everyone, Can anyone guide me how to create do follow backlinks and really these affect ranking in seo or not?
  6. Games

    WTS Blog posts on my website

    Hi, I am selling blog posts on my online tutorials website Kodi Beginner. The site has around 10,000 visits per day, mostly form USA and UK. It has many keywords ranked high in Google. The post should be related to Kodi and other related topics like Plex, Firestick, Torrent. The content of the...
  7. lykaguico

    How to promote affiliate programs of different website?

    Hi just new here! How can I promote some website in this forums for me to earn towards an affiliate programs? Thank you!
  8. Website designer Punjab

    Is Creating Backlinks On Regular Backlinks Also Effect Website?

    Hello, I am doing SEO from last year and till now I worked on 50+ sites and ranked them successfully but I was always worked on two sites in one time which means 3 days a week on one site. But now I am working only on one site which means 7 days a week. So I want to know that creating backlinks...
  9. car-Mirrabooka

    Is SEO Plays A Vital Role In Ranking Any Website And Its Future Is Safe?

    I am a beginner in the SEO field who works off-page SEO only from the last 1 year and finds many strategies and tips to rank any website on Google but still, there are many rules and strategies which I have to learn to improve myself. As you also know that In SEO there is no one who is perfect...
  10. digitalsupreme

    Want to make money online through my website

    I have just published a new website digital supreme for online earning. I want to do some affiliate marketing and online promotion through this website. Please suggest for improvement and add-ons.
  11. Vgoswami

    How to have free hosting for your website

    I've seen people creating websites but in order to manage them they require a hosting website but what if the creator has no money ?
  12. susanburling

    Does building backlink from broken links of another website hurt you?

    Hello, Does building backlink from broken links of another website hurt your website ranking?
  13. Buddhika

    Guys, What is your best website in the terms of earning?

    Since internet has various websites which allow to do jobs and earn, what is your best website that you are working right now?
  14. tozman

    My website - please review and judge

    Hello, I've created website about quotes: it has some (hopefully) nice features, selected few: * Besides general search in the top menu, you can extensively search authors by their occupation, nationality, and birth date at "Explore Authors" page...
  15. edsonbuchanan

    Can You let Me Know What You Think...

    Hey Fellow WMS, I've been working on a new site for a few nights now and I wanted to get your opinion. I love honesty as it helps me improve my sites so constructive criticism is what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance... hxxp:// Replace xx with tt.
  16. L

    How Important is the UI of a Website or Forum?

    We've all seen the simple phpBB forums and are turned off instantly by the solid colors and generic look then you sometimes see these other forums which have a beautiful interface with easy use. However, is it really needed to have your website or forum looking spectacular if your product isn't...
  17. hoangvu

    how to create paging on php

    Hi all i want create a web page on php i have no idea how to create this. so can you explain. Herry Thomas
  18. EasySiteNetwork

    WTS FREE! EasySiteNetwork Facebook Like Polling Script - Now with Video Polls!

    Download your free copy now! EasySiteNetwork scripts are going free. We are have and you get to benefit as all of our scripts are going free. The Like Poll script is a big hit on Facebook thanks...