1. rainmaker11

    How to track the traffic coming from YouTube to my website?

    Hello, I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently facing a bit of a challenge and could really use your expertise and insights. I'm looking to figure out how to track the traffic coming from YouTube to my website. I've been trying to promote my website through YouTube videos, and while I've...
  2. Nemanja

    What chat solution do you think works best for a website dedicated to selling art online?

    Choosing the right chat solution is crucial for enhancing the online art-selling experience. If you're in the art business or planning to launch an art-focused website, we'd love to hear your insights. I checked and found some as LiveChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Tawk. to... but I only...
  3. growbusinessforsure

    How to Create XML Sitemap for Big Website or Portal?

    I Have a big B2B portal (almost 500000 Pages) and I want to create an XML Sitemap for this portal. Kindly suggest me best site or tools to create the sitemap for our B2B portal.
  4. Farris

    What is your experience on selling website templates?

    Hello webmasters, I have been trying to make money by selling php and mysql scripts. I am not amazing at design, but I like to think that I am good. I have been building websites for a long time and I would like to sell my work but platforms such as CodeGrape and Codester have little sales. The...
  5. Farris

    How can we find marketers to promote our website?

    We have a memes site that users can earn from. We share ad revenue just like YouTube and the website is somewhat new. Where can we find affiliate marketers without being spammy? We have tried WarriorForums and some other forums. Can you share a website that can help us?
  6. LogisticsPark

    Blog Website Traffic Growth Strategies

    I own a blog website in general niche since past 3 years. It has over 100 articles. But the website's organic traffic is only around 700. I want to grow it exponentially. Can you all please suggest something for the same?
  7. onemoreroti

    What is website Optimization?

    Mention the process of improving various aspects of a website to enhance its performance, user experience, and overall effectiveness.
  8. alfonzob707

    Is it possible someone can let me use their website to rank on Google

    I want to start to learn the basics of SEO. I’m 20 and I look heavy into this. Also got a app where Iearn HTML but i’m sure i’ll need to get deeper. I can’t afford to pay for a website so if anyone has one and wouldn’t mind ranking please let me know
  9. sophietate

    New member!

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member and I hope you can teach me
  10. Shahmeer

    Website with 10 Ranking Articles and Traffic From Top Tier Countries For Sale

    Hey Guys, I want to sell my website. It's DA 4 and have 10 articles with average ranking 10.4, it's getting organic traffic from top tier countries and have domain age of 1 year. I am no more interested in working on it so want to sell it. It's not monetized in any manner, if you are interested...
  11. FPForum

    For Sale Sign on Website

    Does anyone know if Adsense allows us to put a "For Sale" sign on sites with Adsense on them? I've been thinking about putting a banner at the top of a website saying, "This Website is For Sale" with a link to where someone can buy the website on a marketplace. Is this against adsense terms?
  12. Nemanja

    How do you optimize a website for mobile search, such as ensuring it is mobile-friendly?

    Hello everyone, Today, I have a question about optimizing a website for mobile search. With more and more people using their smartphones to browse the web, it's important to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile search. So, I would love to hear from all of you...
  13. Nemanja

    How do you optimize a website for local search, such as targeting specific geographical areas?

    Hello everyone, Today, we have a question about optimizing a website for local search. Specifically, we are wondering how to target specific geographical areas. This is an important question for businesses that rely on local customers, as optimizing for local search can help improve visibility...
  14. CotashCatcher

    What do I need to know before creating a website?

    Hi all. Can you tell me what I need to know before I create my website about hosting in general? Maybe there is an adequate guide, where you could read about it?
  15. Marc van Leeuwen

    What the best platform for creating Blog website in 2023?

    Which website platform is the most suitable for creating a website in 2023? Should I choose WordPress or Wix, or are there other better options available? I have read conflicting opinions about WordPress's performance in 2022, and I am unsure which platform to choose for my website. Any...
  16. muhammadahmad

    My Website Traffic is down

    Hey, Can you help me to improve my website's keyword ranking? My Website Ranking is down after the google Spam update 14 Dec. You can see Keywords Status.
  17. Nemanja

    Seeking marketing and SEO strategies to attract target audience for an Oil Painting website?

    As the owner of an oil painting website, I am looking for effective ways to reach and engage my target audience. How can I implement successful marketing and SEO strategies to promote my website and attract the right people to my art? I am open to suggestions and advice from anyone with...
  18. Nemanja

    Adding a blog to a website, is it good or bad for SEO?

    Everyone thinks that adding a blog to a website can have a significant impact on its SEO efforts. By regularly publishing high-quality, relevant content, a blog can attract more traffic to the site and increase engagement with visitors, which are both positive signals to search engines...
  19. Nemanja

    How does including different languages on a website impact its search engine optimization (SEO)?

    While offering content in multiple languages can be helpful for reaching a wider audience and improving user experience, some website owners may be concerned that it could negatively impact their SEO efforts. However, the impact of multilingual content on SEO is not necessarily straightforward...
  20. sellermaster

    For Sale website with traffic

    Hi! I want to sell my website. Pls read carefully. This is re-stored website (pet e-shop) from webarchive. It's runs on small CMS which allows you to put some code like GA or find&replace some parts. But if you want to run this website on 100% you will need to move it on wp with e-commerce or...