1. Nemanja

    Calculating Backlink Strength and Placement Strategies?

    Hello community, I'm currently working on improving the SEO for my website and have a couple of questions regarding backlinks. Firstly, how do you calculate the strength or quality of a backlink on a website? I'm interested in understanding the metrics or factors that determine the...
  2. turboxtraffic

    Link pyramid

    Hello. Have any of you used the link pyramid for positioning? Do you think this is a good positioning method? If so, maybe you have a good scheme that gives the best results.
  3. turboxtraffic

    Removing bad links and improving SEO?

    Hello :) It's a multi-year domain. During this time, she has accumulated a lot of backlinks. I wonder if removing some of the backlinks would not improve seo. What do you think? What's the best way to go about it and do it yourself?
  4. willsonrobin

    What can I do about a broken backlink?

    Greetings to everybody! Can somebody please assist me in resolving the issue of broken backlinks?
  5. mary42

    I need a good backlink service for my website

    Hi guys I have a website in the field of hotel and tourism. I want to make a backlink for it in high-quality sites and a domain I tried a service from Fiverr, it helped me a lot, but I want more services what do you think?
  6. Kimmysled

    WTS Selling SEO backlink in Thailand

    Hi! I come from Playboss media company. We offer Thai Link building service. All the links will be Do-follow and it will be contextual links from real Thailand sites with Real traffic. Get your website to rank Higher by Doing Quality Guest post with us. For more information, please contact...
  7. ShohayebShihab

    Conversation Starter

    Hi there! I am Shoahyeb Shihab is an SEO guy. I have joined you here as a newbie. Welcome me and provide me the terms & conditions of this forum. Thanks in advance!
  8. williamkimbler

    Content or Backlinks

    Content is the king. The backlink is a significant part of SEO. My confusion is what are the most considerable things in SEO?
  9. JoyFreak

    Backlink exchanges with JoyFreak

    If you are interested then check out JoyFreak and let me know. I am willing to buy backlinks on other gaming sites only.
  10. jeromebunker

    Which one is best backlinks strategy

    Hi friends Let's share your opinion on which one is the best backlinks techniques > Guest Blogging > Forum Discussion > Article Submission > Social Bookmarking > Web 2.0 > Video Marketing
  11. susanburling

    How to gain an extra advantage of anchor text in SEO?

    Hello Guys, Anybody has any Idea to take extra benefit of backlinks? Please share your unique way..
  12. harrygreen90

    How to know if a website is good for backlink?

    I have a chance of choosing a few websites in my friend list's websites to put my website backlink on them but I am confusing to choose the best websites for backlinks, which SEO factors should I check to determine if that was a great site for SEO backlink? DA, PA, outbound links or organic...
  13. shobi97

    How could rank my website using backlink??

    Hello everyone, Can anyone guide me how to create do follow backlinks and really these affect ranking in seo or not?
  14. M

    Japanese site Backlink 15k/monthly users

    New Japanese Site arrived with 15k of Traffic Niche: Affiliation, Webstore, Amazon, Rakuten, Webmedia. PM if interested!
  15. susanburling

    Does building backlink from broken links of another website hurt you?

    Hello, Does building backlink from broken links of another website hurt your website ranking?