1. MyBid

    Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads?

    What do you think are the differences between these platforms? to be honest, I am having a budget to advertise on social networks, I tend to choose Facebook and Instagram because I want to promote my web design services on these networks and thinking they will help a bit more. Which one will you...
  2. M

    Facebook link / image thumbnail always blurry?!

    Hi, so I'm using a WordPress page featured image, sized at 1200 x 628 px and saved as .PNG. When it's on my PC, the image is crystal clear. But when share my website's link on FB, the page thumbnail images shows super blurry?! What's going on?! I'm certain I almost tried everything!
  3. Lilina

    Facebook pixel events

    Hello guys, I have a few questions about Facebook Pixel and will be happy to give me some advices. :) 1. I have created a pixel for a custom event - purchase completed. If I create a pixel for a standard event -again purchase completed, which one will prevail? Does it make sense to do that? 2...
  4. Yogesh Kumar

    Real Estate facebook leads are not qualified even using Housing category in India

    I am usig Real Estate facebook ads for lead generation campaign in India. Since last 3 months, facebook leads are not qualified even using Housing category in India. I am using interest, behaviour, demographic targeting. I have also used Housing category to create a new campaign but facebook is...
  5. PollyV

    A question about FB posts reach

    Hi, I’m a little bit stuck. I run a FB Page and a few groups - they’re all used to promote my site. And it seems like certain posts show really impressive reach stats, while others perform poorly, regardless of the number of likes and reposts they get. Can it be possibly related to me inviting...
  6. PollyV

    A problem with Facebook Group

    Hey everyone! I’m a little bit stuck with Facebook. I’ve recently changed the theme of my FB group, but old videos are still available on Google’s SERP. Is there a way to remove them, considering that they can not be interacted with, and my old group name is still indicated?
  7. maycon araujo

    Facebook ads account warm up?

    Hello everybody, can someone help me with how to warm-up facebook profile ( buyed ones ) i heard that its possible to warm it up in 4 days... do you guys have any advice ?
  8. Brackwom

    How rebranding of Facebook as Meta going to impact its Marketing?

    Could somebody tell me the answer of this questions?
  9. FPForum

    Best Social Network for a Gaming Site?

    I recently launched a gaming website and wanted to try doing some marketing via social networks. I'd like to try and focus on just one or two networks in the hopes of it working better than trying to spread things out across multiple sites. I'm thinking Reddit and Facebook, but also considering...
  10. Winona

    Is Facebook suitable for product promotion?

    Now Facebook is often blocked. Is it still suitable for product promotion?
  11. Da lemon

    How do I get the most out of my Facebook page?

    Hello, How do I get the most out of my Facebook page? Please share your guide! Thanks in advance.
  12. Alicefeltch

    Does really Facebook Affiliate Marketing worthy? Can I earn enough money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook?

    Hello Folks, Can I really make money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook? If yes so please guide me. How?
  13. Dolphin

    WTS DOLPHIN: manage advertising of all Facebook accounts in one window

    Dolphin - is a Facebook ad automation tool. With this tool, you can create hundreds of advertising campaigns in a couple of clicks, conveniently manage and view all statistics in one window! Main functions: ✅ Auto Fill Ads Create a template and run ads for dozens of accounts with auto-unique...
  14. annsanilas

    Facebook Group for Marketing

    Hi all, Can you share your thought how can I use Facebook group for marketing? Expert opinion please
  15. jeromebunker

    Is Facebook Advertising an Effective Way to Generate Leads?

    Hi all friends Can you share your thought Is Facebook Advertising an Effective Way to Generate Leads? Plz, share your opinion.
  16. FPForum

    How big is your Facebook page?

    Just curious how big everyone's Facebook page is on here.. Mine is currently around 490,000 and growing. Is this considered a "big" page around the industry? Thanks!
  17. apkakhetiguru

    how to unblock domain from facebook

    My domain is block from facebook . Facebook is one of my major source of Traffic for website. plz suggest what to do now ?
  18. ethelglover

    Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads which is better for marketers in 2020

    Hey all guy's can you tell me which is better for a marketer Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads?
  19. ethelglover

    Which stories are effective Facebook or Instagram

    Hi all, Can you share your thought about which stories feature is effective Facebook or Instagram? Expect your expert opinion please.
  20. U

    Financial Advisor Looking For Help With Facebook Ads

    I’m trying to bring in some leads to watch my live webinar, but don’t know much about Facebook ads as I’m very new to all this. I haven’t touched them before. I basically help people get ready for retirement by investing in mutual funds and such, and I’m looking to bring in more people to watch...