1. Vane

    Earing money with facebook

    Hello! What strategies have you used to make money with Facebook, and which ones have been most successful for you?
  2. Farris

    Google, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit?

    Which one do you find more valuable? Why? If these platforms offer 1 cent per click would you use them more? If they charged 10 cents per click would you stop using them? Personally, I love Google because it's so targeted and the CPC is low for a lot of keywords. I guess my second choice would...
  3. johnmth

    I want to increase my Facebook page likes quickly.

    Hello, I have recently made my business Facebook page and want my posts to reach as many people as possible. I am looking to buy them can you suggest me some best sites to buy??
  4. J

    facebook signals

    Hello, How to get paid facebook signals in low cost? or any other way to get facebook signals free? Thanks
  5. joycedaniels

    Which ads perform better Facebook ads Or Google ads ?

    Hi guys, I am new to digital marketing and learning about Google ads and Facebook ads, I think, both ads play equal parts in generating leads. What is your opinion? Which one is better and gives better results?
  6. yogo

    What kind of publications provide the best results in Facebook groups?

    Hello! What kind of publications provide the best results in terms of involvement the audience? For instance: Facebook page has audience, how to encourage the audience to start sharing publications, like them etc...
  7. deny adrian

    best-selling products via social media and Facebook

    What to do if you want to sell best-selling products via social media and Facebook?
  8. MyBid

    Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads?

    What do you think are the differences between these platforms? to be honest, I am having a budget to advertise on social networks, I tend to choose Facebook and Instagram because I want to promote my web design services on these networks and thinking they will help a bit more. Which one will you...
  9. M

    Facebook link / image thumbnail always blurry?!

    Hi, so I'm using a WordPress page featured image, sized at 1200 x 628 px and saved as .PNG. When it's on my PC, the image is crystal clear. But when share my website's link on FB, the page thumbnail images shows super blurry?! What's going on?! I'm certain I almost tried everything!
  10. Lilina

    Facebook pixel events

    Hello guys, I have a few questions about Facebook Pixel and will be happy to give me some advices. :) 1. I have created a pixel for a custom event - purchase completed. If I create a pixel for a standard event -again purchase completed, which one will prevail? Does it make sense to do that? 2...
  11. Yogesh Kumar

    Real Estate facebook leads are not qualified even using Housing category in India

    I am usig Real Estate facebook ads for lead generation campaign in India. Since last 3 months, facebook leads are not qualified even using Housing category in India. I am using interest, behaviour, demographic targeting. I have also used Housing category to create a new campaign but facebook is...
  12. PollyV

    A question about FB posts reach

    Hi, I’m a little bit stuck. I run a FB Page and a few groups - they’re all used to promote my site. And it seems like certain posts show really impressive reach stats, while others perform poorly, regardless of the number of likes and reposts they get. Can it be possibly related to me inviting...
  13. PollyV

    A problem with Facebook Group

    Hey everyone! I’m a little bit stuck with Facebook. I’ve recently changed the theme of my FB group, but old videos are still available on Google’s SERP. Is there a way to remove them, considering that they can not be interacted with, and my old group name is still indicated?
  14. maycon araujo

    Facebook ads account warm up?

    Hello everybody, can someone help me with how to warm-up facebook profile ( buyed ones ) i heard that its possible to warm it up in 4 days... do you guys have any advice ?
  15. Brackwom

    How rebranding of Facebook as Meta going to impact its Marketing?

    Could somebody tell me the answer of this questions?
  16. FPForum

    Best Social Network for a Gaming Site?

    I recently launched a gaming website and wanted to try doing some marketing via social networks. I'd like to try and focus on just one or two networks in the hopes of it working better than trying to spread things out across multiple sites. I'm thinking Reddit and Facebook, but also considering...
  17. Winona

    Is Facebook suitable for product promotion?

    Now Facebook is often blocked. Is it still suitable for product promotion?
  18. Da lemon

    How do I get the most out of my Facebook page?

    Hello, How do I get the most out of my Facebook page? Please share your guide! Thanks in advance.
  19. Alicefeltch

    Does really Facebook Affiliate Marketing worthy? Can I earn enough money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook?

    Hello Folks, Can I really make money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook? If yes so please guide me. How?
  20. Dolphin

    WTS ✅ Dolphin❗a tool for those who work with Facebook ads❗

    Can't scale ads due to constant bans and routine? 😬 Endless preparation of cabinets, account bans, publication of links and updating statistics for dozens of cabinets. — Familiar situation? We have a solution! Dolphin is a Facebook advertising tool for CPA marketers ⚡ Create, duplicate, start...