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  1. DigitalMarketingIntern

    What can I do so that my Viber Community number won't get blocked again?

    Hello everyone! New member here! A few days ago I created a Viber Community in order to test how it works via a business phone number. I sent invitations to some loyal clients (that weren't familiar with this number, but the account has business' name and logo with which they are pretty...
  2. hoangvu

    Mobile marketing in developing counties

    Greetings everyone! This post is about mobile marketing and its condition in some developing countries. Although there has been a tremendous growth rate in this industry in most parts of America and Europe, it seems the tide is different in some developing countries. Yes, the use of internet...
  3. hoangvu

    Ways and means used in mobile marketing

    Greetings to all! My post is about mobile marketing. Many businesses today engage in mobile marketing and it intrigues me. I understand a basic things about it, but still want to dig more. There are few questions that I want to ask. 1. How can you profit from mobile marketing? 2. What are the...
  4. hoangvu

    What are the things I need to start mobile marketing?

    Hi everyone, I've heard that mobile marketing is in total hype nowadays. I searched over the internet about it, and learned about its potential, both at present and future. It just really awaken my interest to venture in it. However, I just lack all the knowledge needed to start. So I have this...
  5. hoangvu

    Incorporating mobile marketing with mobile games

    Hello people, Nowadays, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become part of people's everyday life. It is very popular that almost every person, if not all, is owning and using one or two devices of this kind. And as we speak of mobile devices' widespread use, we cannot discount...
  6. hoangvu

    Mobile Marketing: The bad and ugly side

    Hello everyone, It seems to me that mobile marketing has been getting a lot of attention lately. I checked from around the internet and found a good number of talks about mobile marketing, including this site. Reading all those good feeds, it sounds very promising. People are saying that it's...
  7. hoangvu

    What’s the average cost of a mobile site?

    He Friend, Can you Suggest me What’s the average cost of a mobile site? Thanks for your respond
  8. hoangvu

    How we can do Mobile Marketing?

    Currently in a market many companies doing a Mobile Marketing. I would like to start one online shopping website for business. So please guide me how i can do best M-commerce marketing for business promotion with good Mobile Marketing?