video marketing

  1. fehsvys

    Best video format for YouTube?

    I'm wondering what is the best video format to upload to YouTube after I created first videos and preparing to upload them to youtube. I'm often publishing video as mp4 format, it's best format video file? Please share your advice
  2. picklepictures

    Which are the most effective medium for generating leads?

    Hello guys, I totally confused to generate leading for sales for my website. Please help me to find out best most effective medium for generating leads in digital marketing?
  3. Irka

    How do you get multiple # of videos/localization creatives? Please share

    Hello, I'm working on a User persona description, and looking for any information that can help me to draw the picture. Im investigating, how Marketing, UA specialists get multiple videos related to one Idea My example is a H&M (clothes company) when you need to get, lets say 10 videos about the...
  4. Lucasmj

    Why You Should Use Video Marketing For Your Business

    What Is Video Marketing When a business owner makes a video or describes his product on this and running ads for increasing their sales all this process is called video marketing, there is a huge benefit of video marketing So here is the Top 5 Benefit Of Video Marketing It will increase your...
  5. N

    How can I make interacting content for video marketing?

    I'm intending to start my video marketing content. Let me know how can I make interactive content?
  6. ethelglover

    Importance of website content video

    Online video will create up 82 percent of online traffic. In summary: If video isn't part of your digital marketing and advertising programs, then you are missing out. 82%! And that may still not satisfy the planet's requirement for video. In spite of the fact that there are more videos out...