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  1. zinavoindia

    Who do we hire to create a website?

    Who do we hire to create a website?
  2. edwineholland

    What do you think about web design? Do I need to make any changes?

    Hello guys, I'm a junior UI/UX designer and just recently I've been asked to create this website RealSpyApps.com. This is my best project thus far and I am going to do my best to complete it perfectly but I do not have much experience and skills and just learning while working. Could you give me...
  3. nesito29

    What your website says about you and your brand

    You might have heard this before but, first impressions matter, especially online! This post is meant to help you understand a little bit better how people perceive your website and how you can improve your overall design. The information here included has been obtained by interviewing...
  4. NdotTechnologies

    WTS Affordable Web Design & Development Services

    Web Design & Development Services at an affordable cost - We at Ndot Technologies provide web design & development services at an affordable cost to the end-users. Ndot Technologies have the web developers who are well-experienced in the frameworks (Kohana, Codeigniter, Zend, CakePHP, etc) and...
  5. hoangvu

    CSS Tutorial Sites

    Hi everyone, Learning HTML is not enough to be able to design a professional looking webpages. I know that CSS will help a lot to improve the appearance of my pages. I know a little of it, but I feel I should exert a little more effort on learning it deeper. My question is really simple. Can...
  6. F

    looking for The best way to learn web design and development!

    hi all! i am graphic designer and I have more free time and I want to design website then what is the best way to learn web design and development? please suggest me some ways ? :confused:
  7. hoangvu

    How we create a div in middile of any screen ?

    Hi all Can you suggest me How we create a div in middile of any screen ?
  8. hoangvu

    What's the difference between dynamic and static stretching?

    Hi guys I want create a website for business but I m :confused: what is difference between dynamic or static stretching can you suggest me difference.
  9. hoangvu

    Can I get my existing logo redone?

    I have a website logo. and i want change logo style & look. can i get my existing logo re done. :confused: Suggest me Thanks For Your Respons
  10. hoangvu

    What is external Style Sheet? How to link?

    I am building a Big website that will have many pages and folders. I have 1 style sheet. How do I add the style sheet to "ALL" of these folders? I didnt have this problem before I started to put the pages in SEPARATE folders. Now that each page has its own folder it no longer reads my style...
  11. hoangvu

    What are the differences between PHP3 and PHP4 and PHP5 ?

    I'm a new to the PHP thing. I want to try to setup my server to handle PHP3 and PHP4 requests easily. e.g. I have some scripts that are PHP3 and want to start learning PHP4. Instead of doing the simple (like anything I do is simple URL ) thing, I am attempting to set up apache to support MySQL...
  12. hoangvu

    How to create gradient effect using CSS

    I'm trying to create an effect where the border of my DIV object has a horizontal left-to-right or right-to-left gradient fade. The perspective of the gradient must encompass all borders (not just top and bottom) All the documentation I came across so far describes how to do it vertically
  13. hoangvu

    how to submit form without a submit button in PHP ?

    I am using DHTMLXslider in a form and I want form to submit slider value to php file whenever slider value change. I tried using onchange and onclick event but it doesn't work. Here is my code. Is there any solution? <form method="POST" target="content" action="here.php" id="myform"> <input...
  14. hoangvu

    How To implement Payment Gateway In PHP

    I am new to implement payment gateway in PHP. I want to implement the Payment Gateway in PHP On my website. How I will get the source code or Forms to implement it. Please help me for that. Thanks in advance.
  15. Novakin

    Website Feedback !

    Hi, my name is Alek and im new to this forum. I didn't know about this forum till webmastersun followed me on twitter so i make a visit and its great and followed back, glad to find this place as im web designer. It was hard for me to find where to start here, so i run into this thread because i...
  16. M

    Hello from Max!

    Hello all, Found this site via twitter, i am 21 years old and have interest in web design which i have been doing for a few years now. I can design and code in HTML/CSS, create Custom WordPress themes/vBulletin Skins and much more!... If you want to know more about me just give me a pm...