1. owenlavi

    Can You Make Money on YouTube?

    I've been thinking about starting a YouTube channel, but I'm curious – is it really possible to earn money from it. If so, how does it work. Any tips or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Farris

    Do you find it hard following tips?

    I have been trying to make money online from tips I find on YouTube but none of them yield the same results as the YouTuber. Even though they teach us step by step but when I do it I find out that the earnings are way less than reported. Do you have the same experience?
  3. Nemanja

    Can you earn more with TikTok and How does It compare to YouTube?

    I'm interested in exploring the potential for earning money on TikTok compared to YouTube. Can anyone share insights into the income opportunities on both platforms? What are the key differences in terms of monetization options, audience engagement, and content strategies between TikTok and...
  4. rainmaker11

    How to track the traffic coming from YouTube to my website?

    Hello, I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently facing a bit of a challenge and could really use your expertise and insights. I'm looking to figure out how to track the traffic coming from YouTube to my website. I've been trying to promote my website through YouTube videos, and while I've...
  5. fehsvys

    Best video format for YouTube?

    I'm wondering what is the best video format to upload to YouTube after I created first videos and preparing to upload them to youtube. I'm often publishing video as mp4 format, it's best format video file? Please share your advice
  6. J

    How to increase views on youtube?

    I heard more people saying about techniques to increase views on YouTube fast? how to do it? Do I need to buy a service to increase views for my videos? Thanks
  7. wants

    How to Promote a YouTube Short Videos

    What are some other platforms like YouTube where I can upload my YouTube short videos and get some extra views?
  8. HoleyMoles

    Advice on Youtube ads

    I look forward to launch a marketing campaign in YouTube to promote online language courses. Should I focus in a target city/country or should I expand the horizons to the whole world? Thanks in advance
  9. Kocerroxy

    Increase traffic on Youtube Channel

    Hey, I would like you to share some ideas on how I can increase my Youtube channel's traffic. Are helpful shorts videos? I know that for a long time, a long video could be more valuable than the short one.
  10. RenderedElite

    Who Else is Getting Positive Results from YouTube Shorts?

    I recently launched an online store and created a bunch of short videos for it. I didn't even intend on making a YouTube Short, but one of my videos was the right ratio and short enough for it so I tried it... and wow, I am impressed! These videos are getting consistent views while bringing in...
  11. Purple


    Guys does anyone have any ideas on how I can stand out well on YouTube? Could someone help me plisss <3
  12. Theclone

    Anyone here had a good experience with youtube shorts and affiliate marketing?

    Hey, I just wanted to know if anyone had seen some results with YouTube shorts as a mean to drive traffic to affiliate offers. I had tried it but there seems little to no traffic going to the affiliate page despite 1 million + views on the channel...
  13. corentin

    How to monetize with my youtube channels?

    Hello to all, I'm going through this channel to ask for your help, indeed I have created some youtube books which I want to monetize. How to proceed? Your opinions, suggestions are welcome.
  14. 1drlndgrl

    What is the fastest way to monetize your YouTube channel?

    I am starting up a channel on YouTube for Workout and Fitness music playlists and I'm looking for the fastest way to monetize this channel and begin making money. Any suggestions or tips for beginners would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Tuyulonline


    How to get YouTube videos to appear in search
  16. T

    Sales Skills you need to learn

    A good sales training program must be able to teach you effective skills and various sales aspects ranging from advancing a cold lead to closing a sales deal. The skills and techniques that you possess, as a sale representative is a secret to your success. Regardless of whether you are a...
  17. Olutadeni23

    How Do I Make Money on YouTube?

    Hi, I'm Tayo. I'm new here. My YouTube has not been active because I need to know how to utilize it to make money. Kindly advise.
  18. edwardyn

    How to make your YouTube channel more popular?

    I have been creating videos for my YouTube channel for a very long time, but I have almost no views or subscribers. Can you advise what needs to be done to make it better?
  19. Marc van Leeuwen

    YouTube Audio Ads vs. Video Ads - Which performs better?

    I tried Facebook ads but seem it didn't work for me, now I am thinking about buying ads on Youtube, I am still new to Youtube ad hence needing some your advice, between YouTube Audio Ads vs. Video Ads then which performs better?
  20. Marc van Leeuwen

    Which one is easier to earn money YouTube or Tiktok?

    As I knew, TikTok only get paid through LIVE stream, Gifts which are sent by their fans while you can earn money directly from Youtube through your videos, more views, more money. So, Which one is easier to earn money YouTube or Tiktok? Does anyone give some comments on this?