1. mafzall

    My SiteGround account got cancelled!

    i was signing up on Siteground as a new customer witht this domain name (bathtub query) but my account got canceled and the payment went from payoneer account. Now will that payment reversed? Please answer
  2. SorinDaniel

    It's a good idea to delete my Google ads account and make a new one?

    My name is Sorin and I joined this group because I am a newbie in this field and I really need your help guys. I bought an affiliate marketing course (video campaigns on YouTube) a few months ago. I love it, but the problem is that I don't have the knowledge to manage my Google ads account. This...
  3. Dyna

    How can I make a FB account without a phone?

    Hi. I need to make a FB account to promote my online business (site). Not looking to make fake posts, just to join some groups and market place. It always asks me to confirm by ID and phone number. Is there a legal way to get around this? Why can't I create an account with just a business name...
  4. brycek379

    Is there a safe way to add feedback from my Google account to my site?

    Hey all. I want to create a slider on my site with customer feedback from my Google business account. Do I need use screenshots of the comments or there's some other way? I want this slider to be clickable so that people clicking it could be redirected to my account to see other comments. I know...
  5. maycon araujo

    Facebook ads account warm up?

    Hello everybody, can someone help me with how to warm-up facebook profile ( buyed ones ) i heard that its possible to warm it up in 4 days... do you guys have any advice ?
  6. S

    How do I code my website so that each time someone watches an ad a token will appear on their account?

    So you know in many apps today, specifically gaming apps when you click to watch an ad in the app you get a token or coins or some in-game currency to help you advance your progress in the game? How would I do that for my website so that each time a person watches an ad they get a token added to...
  7. Vanya Walker

    How do I get my deactivated Pinterest account to reactivate?

    Hello Guys, Today I have created a pin on Pinterest as every day I do, and switch to my other work. After 2 hrs I tried to log in to my account but it has shown an error that "Your account has been deactivated because of some reasons like violating Pinterest community Guidelines. I have also...
  8. Vanya Walker

    How to grow Pinterest account?

    I have created an account on Pinterest, I have been posting a pin on the regular basis but It doesn’t help me to increase my followers, engagement as well as monthly view. Is anyone help me to boost my Pinterest account?
  9. UmairHussain

    Why no-one talks much about the '2020 Twitter account hijacking'?

    On July 15, 2020, reportedly 130 high-profile Twitter accounts were compromised by outside parties to promote a bitcoin scam. Don't you think it's an inside job by the CEO 'Jack Dorsey' himself? You can see his original profile on Twitter, where he has written '#bitcoin' in his BIO.