1. incognitosmoney

    Marketing Vs. Advertising: Are They Same?

    Marketing derives from the word market, a place where buying and selling of goods and services take place. Marketing is a term used for promotional campaign that aims at building brands, introducing products and services to the customers, building customer base etc. Advertising is also a term...
  2. Percival

    How to better promote your products?

    There are more and more publicity methods now. Is it better to promote through online self-media or offline advertising?
  3. Dolphin

    WTS DOLPHIN: manage advertising of all Facebook accounts in one window

    Dolphin - is a Facebook ad automation tool. With this tool, you can create hundreds of advertising campaigns in a couple of clicks, conveniently manage and view all statistics in one window! Main functions: ✅ Auto Fill Ads Create a template and run ads for dozens of accounts with auto-unique...
  4. jeromebunker

    Is Facebook Advertising an Effective Way to Generate Leads?

    Hi all friends Can you share your thought Is Facebook Advertising an Effective Way to Generate Leads? Plz, share your opinion.
  5. Thomas007

    Effective ppc advertising tools

    Could anyone please tell me where I can find effective advertising tools to automate routine processes when setting up an advertising campaign in Google Ads ?
  6. Bitclu

    PPC Advertisements

    Hey I am thinking to start selling online and recently came to know about Amazon PPC. I have an idea of google advertisements but didn't know a thing about Amazon PPC. Do they work like Google ads?
  7. G

    Can Mobile marketing assist you reach Your Mobile advertising campaign?

    Many people currently use mobile devices. By exploitation mobile marketing, you’ll be able to get to those customers, however you wish to know specifically what you are doing. Review this text to find specifically however you’ll be able to effectively build use of mobile advertising to...