1. J

    How to Make WordPress Sites Faster

    Dear friends I used WordPress to create a website to address <snip> However, my website loads slowly and has really poor speed. I really need your help, therefore I wanted to check if you could speed up my website.
  2. J

    Redirection problem with on-page SEO

    Hello, For our website, we previously used WordPress CMS, but we've since converted to Contentful CMS. We experienced various URL problems after switching the CMS. The problem we are currently dealing with is that we want to redirect all sites that have a trailing slash to all pages without a...
  3. J

    Website speed optimization for WordPress

    My WordPress site, which I built using the Elementor page builder and the Hero Business cloud hosting with Litespeed server enabled, loads quite slowly on both desktop and mobile devices. how to speed up the loading of websites. There are only 6 posts and 21 pages on the little website. I need...
  4. alexi22

    What is the best SEO tool for Wordpress ?

    Hi everyone, What is the best SEO tool for Wordpress ? Thank very much for your comments. Best regards,
  5. C

    Should I choose xeforo or wordpress source code?

    Hi everyone. Currently, I'm deciding between 2 source codes wordpress and xenforo to make a blog (know that wp is biased towards blog website and xenforo is more inclined towards 4rum forum) -about speed: WP is better than xenforo - about security: WP is worse than xenforo - About the database...
  6. sufiinvesting

    My skill in wordpress is still worth?

    Hi everyone, should I learn coding? or keep my skill to build website using wordpress as a CMS.
  7. Julia

    How to block android WEB-VIEW users from accessing my website?

    The reason behind blocking this feature: A recent BOTS attack from the UK targets AdSense ad units on my website. A hacker uses android web-view to scrape my website pages and then send bots to click the ads. It seems that he has used an old version of my website because archived ad units (not...
  8. jackdaniel

    My WordPress website meta title till now has not changed?

    Hi Team, I am new in seo prcoess.. I have some doubts. currently, I have updated my WordPress website title, description, keywords in march month, but still not updated on google why... it automatically fetch my webpage content .. any reasons...
  9. simonhayes

    sitemap is not updating

    hi, everyone i am having a problem related to the sitemap. I have a website and I am publishing content on it but, my blog's links are not appearing in the sitemap.xml ( website made on WordPress and it has Yoast plugin for SEO) so, anyone may suggest to me what to do? (because of it pages are...
  10. Jovani

    WooCommerce Vulnerability Affects Millions of WordPress Sites

    A new article on Search Engine Journal here reports that WooCommerece just announced a patch for a critical vulnerability that is rolling out as a forced update. Publishers have been urged to check if they're updated. WooCommerce has just announced it has patched a critical vulnerability...
  11. Dealsby Post

    Is Wordpress good for ecommerce?

    Hello everyone, I was thinking of building a good website for my business. I wanted to know which software must I use? Also, kindly give suggestions about a good website development company. Thank you.
  12. marselniz

    Blog for sale. New Car Models. Wordpress. Traffic 350-400 p/mo

    2018BestCar.com Price: $600 More than 700 posts. New Car Models 2018-2021 - Reviews, Release Date, Prices, Specs. Traffic Page Views: 500-600 p/mo Unique Visits: 350-400 p/mo Organic Search 84% Site Established July 2016 WordPress Unique design and content
  13. J

    Guaranteed WordPress Website Fix

    We are offering a full WordPress Website Fix. Have a website problem that you need help with right now? We’ll fix it for $199 or your money back! Order your fix today at hostirian dot com Thanks, Hostirian
  14. Jitenbloggingtips

    Which is your favourite blogging platform??

    Hey, which platform are you using for blogging?? I use self hosted WordPress. Which platform are you using??
  15. tayyabwpb

    What are the famous WordPress plugins that will help you to Create Custom Login Pages?

    I would like to know which WordPress plugins will help me to create a custom login page plus offer different security features for the login page.
  16. tayyabwpb

    What are the Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress websites?

    Currently, I'm using MonsterInsights but facing issues. I would like to know about more Google Analytics Plugins.
  17. KWAFR

    Optimole wordpress use

    Hi, I’m using an Optimole Wordpress to optimize my media content and reduce the page loading time. But even that, i have a huge page loading page. Someone could help me ? P.S : i can’t put the link here cuz the moderator could banned me.
  18. E

    what is WordPress hosting it is necessary to host a WordPress site?

    There are many choices to pick modest and best facilitating for WordPress. On the off chance that you're looking for a host, at that point one moment, take a gander at whether it gives WordPress establishment in only a single tick and quick arrangement. Recall a certain something, few out of...
  19. Poshnjari

    how to fix Persistent object caching is not enabled

    Hi, this is my first post and believe I have post in correct category. I have a problem with Persistent object caching is not enabled in health website. I'm using wordpress. Please how to fix this?
  20. WP-Legends

    WordPress Speed Optimization Service - Make Your WordPress Super Fast

    We are a team of WordPress experts who focuses on WordPress speed optimization. What will we do for you? Google Page / Pingdom / GTMetrix Speed Optimization Mobile Loading Speed Optimization Extra Loading Speed Optimization Optimize All Images WordPress Update Reduce the number of plugins Use...