1. rainmaker11

    Choosing between developing a custom WordPress theme or using an existing one?

    I'm in the process of creating a professional website using WordPress and find myself at a crossroads. I'm torn between developing a custom theme for my site or opting for an existing theme from the market. I'd love to hear about your experiences and opinions on this matter. Thanks in advanced!
  2. Best223

    WordPress website development

    Hi! My name Nikolas. I have been developing websites using WorPress for over 10 years. If you have any questions about this system or you cannot find this or that plugin or template, write to me, I will definitely try to help you! Telegram: @kixot
  3. Dewlance

    OFFER DemoTiger - 40% OFF - Readymade Video Tutorials for cP/DA/Plesk - Addon for WHMCS/Blesta/WP/HostBill

    Halloween Special Offer for WebmasterSun members. DemoTiger.com provides series of high quality video tutorials for Web Hosting companies. Videos, with high quality audio and text instructions. 180+ Reviews!! on WHMCS Market Place. Features: Purchase video tutorials for your...
  4. Nemanja

    How to Restrict Access to the WordPress wp-admin to Only Allow My IP Address?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to enhance the security of my WordPress site, and I'd like to restrict access to the wp-admin area so that only my IP address can log in. This would provide an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. Has anyone here implemented this feature...
  5. Frodo_K

    How to add a payment method on WP?

    Can anyone help me and advise the easiest way to add a payment method to my WordPress site? Which plugin is the safest?
  6. Brandan Maclam

    Which Hosting is Best for Automation Work on Wordpress Site?

    Hello Everyone, Recently I started a project and want to add automation software for my website, but my current hosting doesn't support it. Kindly suggest me the best hosting for my automation work.
  7. MhostR

    HostRound LLC - Premium WordPress Hosting - cPanel, Free SSL, LiteSpeed | 50% OFF

    Why HostRound WordPress Hosting? - Websites hosted on 16 Cores / 32 Threads Intel Xeon E5 CPU Servers - Pure SAMSUNG SSD storage - High Availability, Redundancy and Connectivity Failover (100% Uptime) - Tier-3 Datacenters - Daily backup in two secured locations - LiteSpeed Webserver with...
  8. J

    WordPress site from scratch

    Hi, I use WordPress and have used various templates and themes to customise from. I need to build a site from scratch and will need to include a blog, accordians, sliders, etc. Can anyone recommend the best builder to use? I can code the front end, so I don't mind using CSS, etc. Thanks
  9. J

    Wanting to move on from Wordpress

    Hello everyone, What is a solid platform that you would recommend other than Wordpress? I have been using it for nearly a decade and am very familiar with it; however, I am thinking that there are newer and easier-to-use ways to make a website these days. I am mainly wanting something to create...
  10. M

    Wordpress website security issues and hosting problems

    Hello Everyone! The issue is that I have to deal with malware every day. Due to this, I’m unable to operate my websites. I contacted support services and they said there was a malware attack and you should have removed it. I don’t know how to do it.
  11. J

    WordPress website and backup

    I would like to ask if is WordPress the best platform for creating blogs. Further, how do recover posts that are not backed up on the website?
  12. J

    How to Make WordPress Sites Faster

    Dear friends I used WordPress to create a website to address <snip> However, my website loads slowly and has really poor speed. I really need your help, therefore I wanted to check if you could speed up my website.
  13. J

    Redirection problem with on-page SEO

    Hello, For our website, we previously used WordPress CMS, but we've since converted to Contentful CMS. We experienced various URL problems after switching the CMS. The problem we are currently dealing with is that we want to redirect all sites that have a trailing slash to all pages without a...
  14. J

    Website speed optimization for WordPress

    My WordPress site, which I built using the Elementor page builder and the Hero Business cloud hosting with Litespeed server enabled, loads quite slowly on both desktop and mobile devices. how to speed up the loading of websites. There are only 6 posts and 21 pages on the little website. I need...
  15. alexi22

    What is the best SEO tool for Wordpress ?

    Hi everyone, What is the best SEO tool for Wordpress ? Thank very much for your comments. Best regards,
  16. C

    Should I choose xeforo or wordpress source code?

    Hi everyone. Currently, I'm deciding between 2 source codes wordpress and xenforo to make a blog (know that wp is biased towards blog website and xenforo is more inclined towards 4rum forum) -about speed: WP is better than xenforo - about security: WP is worse than xenforo - About the database...
  17. sufiinvesting

    My skill in wordpress is still worth?

    Hi everyone, should I learn coding? or keep my skill to build website using wordpress as a CMS.
  18. Julia

    How to block android WEB-VIEW users from accessing my website?

    The reason behind blocking this feature: A recent BOTS attack from the UK targets AdSense ad units on my website. A hacker uses android web-view to scrape my website pages and then send bots to click the ads. It seems that he has used an old version of my website because archived ad units (not...
  19. jackdaniel

    My WordPress website meta title till now has not changed?

    Hi Team, I am new in seo prcoess.. I have some doubts. currently, I have updated my WordPress website title, description, keywords in march month, but still not updated on google why... it automatically fetch my webpage content .. any reasons...
  20. simonhayes

    sitemap is not updating

    hi, everyone i am having a problem related to the sitemap. I have a website and I am publishing content on it but, my blog's links are not appearing in the sitemap.xml ( website made on WordPress and it has Yoast plugin for SEO) so, anyone may suggest to me what to do? (because of it pages are...