1. jackdaniel

    how many days take to approve my display ads?

    Hi Team, Yesterday i create display ads for my google my business promotion. It says that need one day to activate your campaign. But today till now campaign activated but not reach audience why? can i change any informations? please suggest me guys.
  2. SorinDaniel

    It's a good idea to delete my Google ads account and make a new one?

    My name is Sorin and I joined this group because I am a newbie in this field and I really need your help guys. I bought an affiliate marketing course (video campaigns on YouTube) a few months ago. I love it, but the problem is that I don't have the knowledge to manage my Google ads account. This...
  3. vishwa

    WTS Banner Ads and Sponsored Posting Available on my blog

    Hello, I am accepting Banner ads and Sponsored Postings on my blog ( Price $50 for Sponsored Posting (Links will be dofollow and permanent) Price $50 per month for Banner ads. (Unlimited clicks and impressions) DA:- 10 PA 22 Traffic is 500 to 1000 monthly. Most of the...
  4. erenebrinc

    No Nonsense Advertising - 50% Discounted Google ADS Services - Pay After Your ADS Start

    Best way to advertise for E-Commerce and Adsense Blogs. -- Spend 300$ per day and pay 150$. (Minimum daily spend should be 300$) -- You can make the payment after your ad starts -- Free Consulting and 50% discounted Google Ads ;) Contact me for details via PM or Skype
  5. Frodo_K

    How effective is mobile advertising in 2023?

    A lot of apps have ads and a lot of them. A lot of ads. It's understandable that it makes a profit, but maybe someone knows relevant statistics about it?
  6. joycedaniels

    Which ads perform better Facebook ads Or Google ads ?

    Hi guys, I am new to digital marketing and learning about Google ads and Facebook ads, I think, both ads play equal parts in generating leads. What is your opinion? Which one is better and gives better results?
  7. MyBid

    Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads?

    What do you think are the differences between these platforms? to be honest, I am having a budget to advertise on social networks, I tend to choose Facebook and Instagram because I want to promote my web design services on these networks and thinking they will help a bit more. Which one will you...
  8. AmanRawat

    How To Use Instagram Ads To Grow Your Business [2022]?

    I want to know how we can use Instagram Ads to grow our Business? if you guyz know about this please do let me know?