1. skabt

    google index tag question

    hi i'm new in seo, just created my site and get index by google, but i see my index page is different with others Index, most index first line will be Site Topic but my is double lines URL. see attachment of others website but my just show URL (both first n Second line show URL.) thanks
  2. Jemmy

    What is Google Dance & how it's work?

    Is it possible to stop Google Dance?
  3. rainmaker11

    Does Google Analytics include traffic from search engines?

    I have a straightforward question related to Google Analytics, and I'd greatly appreciate your insights on this matter: Does Google Analytics include traffic from search engines other than Google, such as Bing, or does it exclusively track Google traffic? I'm looking forward to hearing your...
  4. jackdaniel

    how can i change google map mobile number?

    Actually what issue i am facing today. i have a google map for my business. now i can't update my mobile number. It takes some much time for review process. how long it takes or any other solution just let me know guys
  5. SorinDaniel

    It's a good idea to delete my Google ads account and make a new one?

    My name is Sorin and I joined this group because I am a newbie in this field and I really need your help guys. I bought an affiliate marketing course (video campaigns on YouTube) a few months ago. I love it, but the problem is that I don't have the knowledge to manage my Google ads account. This...
  6. alfonzob707

    Is it possible someone can let me use their website to rank on Google

    I want to start to learn the basics of SEO. I’m 20 and I look heavy into this. Also got a app where Iearn HTML but i’m sure i’ll need to get deeper. I can’t afford to pay for a website so if anyone has one and wouldn’t mind ranking please let me know
  7. J

    Paid backlinks for google ranking?

    Hello, There are lot of paid backlinks provider in market... If we buy paid backlinks for domain, how do we know that those links are high quality links and high DA links? And will those paid links help to get better ranking in google? Thanks
  8. J

    google adword promo

    Hello, Is there google adword promo available for global ads? Thanks
  9. J

    google search console

    I have submitted my site to google search console 3 days ago but google did not indexed yet my site... Someone was using my domain 2 years ago but after domain expiration, I purchased it and created the site. But there are still old pages exists in google search so my question that .. will...
  10. iandreas1

    Make an offer.
  11. turboxtraffic

    Link pyramid

    Hello. Have any of you used the link pyramid for positioning? Do you think this is a good positioning method? If so, maybe you have a good scheme that gives the best results.
  12. Frodo_K

    Is it possible to get traffic from Google maps?

    I've pondered this once, but I've never heard of such a method. Maybe someone here has tried it or knows something?
  13. erenebrinc

    No Nonsense Advertising - 50% Discounted Google ADS Services - Pay After Your ADS Start

    Best way to advertise for E-Commerce and Adsense Blogs. -- Spend 300$ per day and pay 150$. (Minimum daily spend should be 300$) -- You can make the payment after your ad starts -- Free Consulting and 50% discounted Google Ads ;) Contact me for details via PM or Skype
  14. BeltingAct

    Is ChatGPT good for blogging?

    If I write posts on my site using AI, will they be banned or flagged somehow? In general, how does Google react to such things?
  15. johnthan

    Facing sitemapindex error in google search console

    I am not sure if it is a good section to post this question. I am facing the sitemap submission error on Google search consoles. It says "sitemap index can be read, but has error". The reason is: Your sitemap or Sitemap index file doesn't properly declare the namespace. Examples: Line 1 Tag...
  16. Eugeneus

    Collect business leads from Google Maps

    Forget the scrapers and try our extension to generate thousands of leads just in a few moments, all over the world! This tool for Google Maps™ extract name, adress, phone number, email, website, social media links, reviews, current marketing pixels and more information from companies - available...
  17. joycedaniels

    Which ads perform better Facebook ads Or Google ads ?

    Hi guys, I am new to digital marketing and learning about Google ads and Facebook ads, I think, both ads play equal parts in generating leads. What is your opinion? Which one is better and gives better results?
  18. muhammadahmad

    My Website is Hit by Google Spam Update Dec 2022

    Hey, SEO Gurus, my website was hit by a google spam update; keywords that were ranking in the top position are now downgrading to the 2nd page. Can you please help me with how I can recover them?
  19. onclickjobs

    how long i need to be 1 in google?

    hi i want to know how long i need to wait to mesure my google classement and how long i need to wait for being the 1 place in google i work 3 days/week for seo
  20. raghuram01

    Why Nowadays Google takes so much times to craw a inner pages of the website ?

    Why Nowadays Google takes so much times to craw a inner pages of the website ?