1. emilyfrank

    IS Paraphrasing tool helpful in SEO?

    Yes! It is very helpful for SEO. Because Plagiarised content can damage your Google ranking and also your SEO. BY paraphrasing tool you can make a new and unique article from plagiarised content. Paraphrasing tools have abilities to change synonyms of words and create new. These tools have...
  2. jackdaniel

    How can I improve my google earnings?

    Hi Team, I have a website with monthly 10k traffic. My website got approved by Google AdSense on march 2021. but my concern is I can't improve my earnings. Still, my earnings 12$ only... why? how can I improve it
  3. lalmidz65

    Can i earn money with google browser?

    I watched a video on YouTube explaining how to profit through the Google browser, does anyone have an idea
  4. Bestpsychichealers

    What is the best way to improve keywords ranking in Google search?

    As I have been working on the Astrology website for the past three months, some keywords used to rank on 1 and 2 pages, but now they are all gone. How can I improve my ranking again?
  5. kaharuny

    Website ranking on Google?

    Hi, I'm kaharuny. I'm new here. I want to rank my web site on Google. What do I have to do for this . Kindly advise!
  6. ChrisMetcale

    What can Yahoo offer that Google doesn't?

    I just wondered what Yahoo can offer me as an affiliate marketer? I have always used google but if they're any advantages then I could change over. kind regards Chris
  7. Alicefeltch

    How Can I Become a Good Language Translator?

    Hello Guys, Please guide me, How Can I Become a Good Language Translator? Which skills need to work as a professional translator.
  8. Percentage

    WTS [$5/link] Backlinks on Google News Approved Old Edition

    Selling do-follow backlinks on old edition google news approved domain. Instant indexing within 5-10 minutes of publishing. $5 per link and paid via PayPal or BTC, ETH or any other altcoins you have. PM me here.
  9. Alicefeltch

    How do I find a website on google for broken links?

    Hello Folks, How we can find a broken link on google. Which techniques we should apply to get the broken link websites, that will get backlinks quickly.
  10. Vanya Walker

    How to earn money from google without any investment?

    Hello Guys, I am looking for ways to earn money from google without any investment. Please share your guide!
  11. nsrivas2

    Is Google adword is profitable for new marketers?

    How can we learn google adword, PPC to earn profits from campaigns?
  12. A

    Problems with Google Search Console and Yoast

    Hi, I have had 2 problems recently. 1. Some pages that I am trying to re-index in Google Search Console show the message "something went wrong, if the problem persists, please try again in a few hours." This problem occurs approximately every 3 days and lasts for that long. It occurs on dozens...
  13. susanburling

    How do I know longtail keyword's search volume when it is not available on the Google keyword planner tool?

    Hello, How do I know longtail keyword's search volume when it is not available on the Google keyword planner tool?
  14. Marc van Leeuwen

    Does Page Speed Affect SEO & Google Rankings?

    I heard that web page speed affect SEO and google rankings but I don't believe in this, is there an announce from Google for this algorithm? or how to measure its effect? I said this because my website has load pretty slow but it was still in first page of Google results for more keywords. Any...
  15. C

    How can I index Google redirecting backlinks?

    As you know, Moz DA can be increase with Google redirect backlinks. How can i index these backlinks? I publish a post with backlinks on Blogger but i didnt work.
  16. kinglion

    The Most Important Google Rankings Factors In 2021

    Search Engine Optimizations’ (SEO) main goal is to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to your website organically. Google algorithm considered certain metrics and characteristics to ranking the website. Here in this article, let’s discuss the most important Google ranking factors that...
  17. Jitenbloggingtips

    What are some alternatives of Google AdSense??

    Hello friends, what are some alternatives of Google AdSense?? through which we can make good money through a blog.
  18. Kaushika

    Why is my page missing from Google Search?

    Hi everyone I'm facing some difficulty to rank my website on top of the SERP results, as i am new to SEO please give me some working tips for rank my website high. Keyword: Couplings Website: Thanks for your time.
  19. UmairHussain

    Can anyone here share me an Ideal cheat-sheet of all the Google Updates (2003-2021)

    I have surfed on google and every other particular person has written a long-counted blog, it's okay to read them but I really want a snippet of Google Algorithms that a plain single definition of all Google Updates.
  20. tayyabwpb

    What are the Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress websites?

    Currently, I'm using MonsterInsights but facing issues. I would like to know about more Google Analytics Plugins.