1. M

    Which software language best suits web development and its security?

    I'm perplexed when I hear that .net, php, and other programming languages are the best for web development. But they are not sure of its security! For that reason, I am starting this discussion for everyone who can answer my query.
  2. J

    Software for digital uploads and downloads.

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone knows of software that I can straight out purchase and own (instead of just using a WordPress plugin) that will let my customers download digital products.
  3. bavya

    Which is the best technique to increase organic traffic of a software website?

    Which is the best technique to increase organic traffic of a software website?
  4. Hawker

    Which link building software do people use these days?

    Hi all! Long time no speak! How's everyone doing? I've not been on here in a long time! I've still been working as a freelancer though on freelance sites like Fiverr, SEOClerk, Legiit etc.. I'm mostly a reseller though apart from a few of my services. What I'd like to know is which link...
  5. dixenix

    What software or technique should i use for on-page SEO?

    Hello everyone, I have made a new website and seeking guidance about on-page SEO. What software can help me in on-page settings, or any other techniques you want to suggest me?
  6. SitePro

    What's Your Favorite Editor?

    WYSIWYG or text/code editor? Which one? Not just which type, but what editor is the one you download and install right away to use on a new computer? My favorites: Dreamweaver CS3 (NOT CC! It's an incredible piece of crap) (Windows or Mac) NoteTab Pro 7.X (Windows) Mobirise (3 or 4)...