1. Dewlance

    OFFER DemoTiger - 40% OFF - Readymade Video Tutorials for cP/DA/Plesk - Addon for WHMCS/Blesta/WP/HostBill

    Halloween Special Offer for WebmasterSun members. provides series of high quality video tutorials for Web Hosting companies. Videos, with high quality audio and text instructions. 180+ Reviews!! on WHMCS Market Place. Features: Purchase video tutorials for your...
  2. fehsvys

    Best video format for YouTube?

    I'm wondering what is the best video format to upload to YouTube after I created first videos and preparing to upload them to youtube. I'm often publishing video as mp4 format, it's best format video file? Please share your advice
  3. andrewecook

    what are the best free video submission site that generate more views and subscribers?

    Best video submission sites that are free and easily increase video views and subscribers.
  4. icegray107

    What kind of video should I make

    I wanna start a Youtube channel but idk what to post
  5. picklepictures

    Which are the most effective medium for generating leads?

    Hello guys, I totally confused to generate leading for sales for my website. Please help me to find out best most effective medium for generating leads in digital marketing?
  6. rickyleng

    Any idea on how to code an embed video player with a syncing scripts like this?

    I have a blogger blog where I post song lyrics translations. And I happened to find some websites with cool youtube embed video players, and next to that player they have a script with both the original lyrics and translation syncing to the video. I've been searching on the internet for days on...
  7. gossamer

    Create video with text-to-speech plus stock video clips?

    Hi, I'm looking for an app or SaaS solution where I can give it some text and have it convert it to speech and also be able to select a basic sound track and some stock video clips. I don't think I can post a link to an example here yet, but perhaps someone knows what I'm talking about and has...
  8. Lucasmj

    Why You Should Use Video Marketing For Your Business

    What Is Video Marketing When a business owner makes a video or describes his product on this and running ads for increasing their sales all this process is called video marketing, there is a huge benefit of video marketing So here is the Top 5 Benefit Of Video Marketing It will increase your...
  9. Vanya Walker

    What are the best money earning games?

    Hello Guys, I heard about we can earn money by playing games. If anyone did it please let me know the process to earn money by playing games?
  10. Marc van Leeuwen

    YouTube Audio Ads vs. Video Ads - Which performs better?

    I tried Facebook ads but seem it didn't work for me, now I am thinking about buying ads on Youtube, I am still new to Youtube ad hence needing some your advice, between YouTube Audio Ads vs. Video Ads then which performs better?
  11. sonnyside


    Webmaster sent me here. I'm Sonny. I'm a graphic designer that picked up video editing, website design, SEO & SEM by myself. Well, job requirements pushed me into it. But, yeah. I have no regrets. Glad to be here.
  12. UmairHussain

    What do you think is better for Video product marketing? 2D Explainer Video or a Video with Real Actor explaining stuff?

    In a 2D video, you need to have a good voiceover with an attractive voice but in a Real video, you should have an attractive actor with an appealing voice. The main thing comes when budgeting, and I think 2D explainer video is quite cheaper than renting an actor with a good face or voice. Let...
  13. N

    How can I make interacting content for video marketing?

    I'm intending to start my video marketing content. Let me know how can I make interactive content?
  14. ethelglover

    Importance of website content video

    Online video will create up 82 percent of online traffic. In summary: If video isn't part of your digital marketing and advertising programs, then you are missing out. 82%! And that may still not satisfy the planet's requirement for video. In spite of the fact that there are more videos out...
  15. Balendu

    Video marketing

    How much we can get benefit of YouTube as a blogger
  16. Dewlance

    Can you advertise in YouTube as a Recommended video?

    Hello, It is possible with YouTube to advertise your video as "Recommended" video or "Promoted" video like we can do this with FB or many other platforms. Thanks.