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HealthTrader is looking for new Affiliates!

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    HealthTrader is looking for new Affiliates!

    HealthTrader is currently looking for new affiliates working with the health and beauty space. We have a range of offers ranging from dietary supplements to online pharmacies, all merchants are well established with many of them operating for 10 plus years.

    Commissions range from 10% to 50% depending on the offer/product. Each offer has a detailed profile page, you can expect to find a short introduction, top selling products, product commission rates (if different from the default offer rate), payment options, shipping options, key performance indicators and the offer terms on this page.

    Custom commission structures are available for supper affiliates, please email Nathan on [email protected] to discuss or alternatively discuss with your account manager after signing up.

    All of our offers also include a resources section which include banners, images, html templates, widgets, promotional codes, keyword research, videos and anything else we think maybe useful for your campaign. Data feeds and our affiliate API are also available.

    Payments are bi-monthly via bank transfer, Pay Pal, Skrill and Paxum. On average, transactions are approved within 3 days and we don’t have long commission cool down periods like other networks.

    We provide affiliate support by phone, email and live chat. Email support is also available in Danish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

    Details on our offers can be found here: https://www.healthtrader.com/uk/offers/

    Sign up takes less than 30 seconds and gives you instant access. Lastly a £25 sign up bonus is now available, join now at https://www.healthtrader.com/uk/?signup=true

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    You have some very interesting products! There are a few that I would want to market to my audience. Are there any minimum requirements to become an affiliate and are there any limitations or rules to how I market your product lines? It would also be helpful if I could see some supporting research for some of the health claims. It will help me sell the products more effectively since I know how everything works. Thanks!

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