1. brodyhenrichs

    How can you categorize Digital marketing?

    Im trying to get into digital marketing any advise is greatly appreciated!
  2. hipcat

    Seeking Advice On My Email List

    I own a site with 43000 members that grew faster than expected and now I'm not sure what to do with the email list. There are a few difficulties I am having, as explained below. First, I'm a builder, not a marketer. I absolutely HATE marketing and I suck at email marketing especially. I love...
  3. G

    Are the major ad platforms involved in affiliate marketing?

    Hey! Tell me, have you ever noticed that big companies like Apple are doing affiliate marketing? Have you noticed that they buy ads on other ad networks?
  4. Swa Rovero

    Does email marketing work

    Does email marketing work?
  5. Bright Hudson

    Is affiliate marketing real deal ?

    Hello guys, I've come across some videos about making money with google search and spam comments in forums. Does it really works? Sorry if my question seems a bit dumb, I'm newbie in this domain so.. Please share some enlightenment the guy! Thanks!
  6. Lucasmj

    Why You Should Use Video Marketing For Your Business

    What Is Video Marketing When a business owner makes a video or describes his product on this and running ads for increasing their sales all this process is called video marketing, there is a huge benefit of video marketing So here is the Top 5 Benefit Of Video Marketing It will increase your...
  7. Brackwom

    How rebranding of Facebook as Meta going to impact its Marketing?

    Could somebody tell me the answer of this questions?
  8. mamendack

    Does marketing advisor work?

    I have started watching youtube videos about how to make some extra cash on the side and i saw them talking a lot about marketing and advertisement so i would love to know about that. Please advise me!
  9. ChrisMetcale

    New Here

    Hi there, I’m Chris from Digital Castle Services and I’m new to the forum. It’s nice to meet you guys here!
  10. Ashimsutradhar

    How Digital Marketing Can Help Startups

    There are a number of Digital sponsors working around the clock to offer moves to brands or new organizations. The campaign entails promoting your website on various social platforms, as well as increasing traffic to your website through web browsing devices. Despite the fact that associations...
  11. Vanya Walker

    How does affiliate marketing Works?

    Hello Guys, I am new to affiliate marketing. 2 months ago I have started a blog and having traffic of 1k per month. Now I want to monetize it using Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. But I don't have much knowledge about how affiliate marketing works, please guide me.
  12. incognitosmoney

    Marketing Vs. Advertising: Are They Same?

    Marketing derives from the word market, a place where buying and selling of goods and services take place. Marketing is a term used for promotional campaign that aims at building brands, introducing products and services to the customers, building customer base etc. Advertising is also a term...
  13. B

    How do you create an Email Marketing Plan?

    What are some of your biggest tips or suggestions when it comes to effective email marketing? I'm trying to build a plan from scratch and would love some input! Thanks in advance!
  14. Alicefeltch

    How can I get digital marketing jobs in the USA from India?

    Hello guys, I’m 25 years old. I’m looking for a new job in digital marketing in the USA. Also having experience of 2 years with full skills. If anyone got the job in your desired country with very good packages. So please guide me on how can I find a related job in the USA. My dream will be...
  15. Alicefeltch

    Does really Facebook Affiliate Marketing worthy? Can I earn enough money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook?

    Hello Folks, Can I really make money doing affiliate marketing on Facebook? If yes so please guide me. How?
  16. wisesolutions

    Does really email marketing worthy?

    Hello, When we search anything on search engine we search via keywords and we get the details. So how can email marketing worthy when clients or customer need anything. Thanks
  17. conivalcheese

    COVID Marketing Strategy

    Hello, Would like to gather advice on what should I do. We are into cosmetics online selling but, since this covid started, sales started to drop down. We are greatly affected and I'm so worried and stressed. Following the news, COVID cases keep on increasing despite of vaccines availability...
  18. yangtzesolutions

    Difference between content writing and content marketing

    Hi, anyone can give me brief details about the difference between content writing and content marketing and how content writing is different from content marketing.
  19. Marc van Leeuwen

    Buying social media marketing tools?

    I found some social media marketing tools that offered on the forum and they are very good, I want to buy some tools to boots for my social media accounts more fans, traffic and easy to manage posts, advertising...etc. What do you think on this idea? should I buy social media marketing tools or...
  20. Kimmysled

    Why Online Marketing is important

    Hello guys! I do research of online marketing so, I want your opinion on why online marketing is so important in nowadays.