1. CloutMotion

    Biggest Hurdles with Influencer Marketing

    Hello Everyone, I'm developing an influencer marketing platform that lets brands and influencer come together seamlessly - Its called Cloutmotion There are a lot of moving parts in the works but we are planning on facilitating the contract between both parties as well. The question is: what...
  2. AffiliateBones

    What Are Your Best Affiliate Marketing Tactics?

    What are your most profitable affiliate marketing tools that have worked for you? I just started and trying several things at the moment, but no big leads.
  3. Eliezer Lucas

    What is Advantage Social Media Marketing?

    Use The Internet To Your Advantage With These Social Media Marketing Tips Your business must remain fresh and current if you wish to thrive in the current economy. Like it or not, social media is here to stay. It's not going anywhere. So you might as well get used to using it. If you want to...
  4. annsanilas

    Facebook Group for Marketing

    Hi all, Can you share your thought how can I use Facebook group for marketing? Expert opinion please
  5. Johntee

    How to be a certified digital marketer?

    Hey guys, Please can someone tell me what it means to b a certified digital marketer? Thanks in advance.
  6. soniarunnyc


    I am a Digital Marketer web app designer developer having 10+ years of experience in Planning, design, Marketing and development of businesses.
  7. kinglion

    The Definitive Guide To Quora Marketing For Your Business [2021]

    The Definitive Guide To Quora Marketing For Your Business [2021] Quora is one of the popular platforms where users can answer each other questions about all kinds of topics. More than 300 million active users are surfing on Quora and it is yet another powerful platform for reaching your brand...
  8. Proaffili

    The present state of email marketing.

  9. Proaffili

    Multilevel marketing

    I believe in multi-level marketing programs the very few top-level members prosper at the expense of those beneath, and they are all scams. What are your thoughts, am I correct?
  10. kinglion

    5 Best Cost-Effective Marketing Tactics For Small And Medium Sized Business

    Marketing is the inevitable part of any business, whether it is small start-ups or well-established businesses. The primary goal of any business is to make money and marketing is an essential channel to reach the products or services to the right set of audiences that drives sales to your...
  11. hireproducersomnath

    Music marketing and generating revenue

    Is there anyone here from music industry. How can we make money from music production?
  12. UmairHussain

    What are the basic Key-points of Selecting an Online Product for Affiliate Marketing?

    I've been leveraging many tools and searching for long-lasting products for affiliate marketing but still unable to received some good traffic on the product. As Covid-19 passed in the previous year, so many vendors came online to sell their product and many affiliate marketers tried their luck...
  13. UmairHussain

    In this era of Social Media, which is better platform for your Organic Marketing?

    Besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what do you think we marketing leads should go for and why? Like there is Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora and Tumblr, these stuff have potential too but are totally underated
  14. UmairHussain

    What do you think is better for Video product marketing? 2D Explainer Video or a Video with Real Actor explaining stuff?

    In a 2D video, you need to have a good voiceover with an attractive voice but in a Real video, you should have an attractive actor with an appealing voice. The main thing comes when budgeting, and I think 2D explainer video is quite cheaper than renting an actor with a good face or voice. Let...
  15. thony1994

    Top affiliate marketing company

    Can you give me a list of top affiliate marketing company. thanks
  16. nilpotter

    Best affiliate marketing quotes for success

    Affiliate marketing is a way of spreading a product to people who might have an interest in buying it.- Anthony Morrison “Affiliate marketing is not a ‘push-button’ solution. It takes focus and commitment, and a certain choreography to make it happen the way you want it to.” – Pat Flynn...
  17. Mezli

    What is the best way to earn through affiliate marketing?

    Can you guys tell me what is the best way to earn is through affiliate marketing? Any comments would be appreciated!
  18. M_Bhargav

    Isn't social media marketing taking the place of email marketing?

    Isn't social media marketing taking the place of email marketing?
  19. ElizabethRGoff

    What skills are needed for social media marketing?

    Excellent Communication. The first social media skill you must have is - communication. Creativity. One of the most important attributes of social media marketing skills is creativity. Writing Ability. Content Curation. Project Management. Aptitude to Learn. Marketing. Flexibility. Have any...
  20. nilpotter

    Details About Affiliate Marketing and How It Works

    Affiliate marketing is a way of spreading a product to people who might have an interest in buying it. They find various parties who show an interest in what the company has to offer, and they receive a share of the revenue according to whatever they’re able to contribute. There are three...