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Do You Sell Digital Products? Get $50 For Free!

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    Do You Have Digital Products? Get $50 + $2.50 For Each Product! [ FREE ]

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    ADDITIONALLY..For Every High-Quality E-Book That Is Approved & Published On The Marketplace You'll Receive $2.50 - No Strings Attached!

    If you're selling eBooks, you might aswell want another sales channel (which equals more eyeballs) for your gems. I mean, if it's not costing you anything, then why not?


    - an eBook you have full rights to.
    - PayPal.

    The Deal:

    >> Upload your product(s) here

    >> If your product is of high quality and gets approved, you'll receive $2.50 for free as a WELCOME GIFT (this offer can be claimed everytime you get a product approved and published).

    >> Once 10 copies have been sold (despite the amount of products it is split between), you'll get $50 on top of your earnings.

    Necessary steps:

    - To sign up as a vendor, all you have to do is go to http://www.mrguidee.com/my-account and then register (don't forget to check "Do you want to become a Guider/Vendor?")

    - When you're done, you'll be redirected to the Vendor Dashboard where you'll first have to enter your PayPal address in the Settings tab.

    - After doing so, you may proceed with publishing and selling your products.

    You're done.

    Additional Information:

    - Mr Guidee is currently one-hundred percent free which means you aren't charged to publish nor will you have to pay any fees to us; even when you sell.

    - If you really want to quickly sell out these copies, you might want to make your customers checkout with us; that is if you're selling your products on this forum or another.

    -Read more about this offer here https://www.mrguidee.com/vendor-newsroom-2-receive-50-usd-for-taking-10-orders/

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