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The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024
Greetings, friends!

We are glad to present new generation of legendary Linken Sphere - Evolution! 9th generation is a fast, stylish, innovative and user-friendly antidetect browser. Our team tried very hard and used all six years of experience to create the perfect product for professionals.


Linken Sphere creates trends. An industry first, Linken Sphere 9 is:
  • Two modes of the built-in antidetect
  • Hybrid mode with adaptive configuration settings
  • Ability to quickly switch between preset settings and create sessions in one click
  • Desktops with command access settings
  • Smart window management of real Chrome
  • Phenomenally fast and resource-efficient operating technology
  • Mass import of accounts from files and folders
  • Mass creation of sessions based on preset settings with mass import of Cookies
  • Flexible interface customization system
  • Sound accompaniment
  • Browser web emulator for mobile devices

The software is presented in the form of installers for Windows (10/11 x64) and MacOS (included ARM). We do not use binding to the hardware, so you can download and install any number of copies on your machines. You can work with an unlimited number of users from one account.

Plans implies the following licenses:

- Pure (10 sessions limit) = 30$/month
- Light (100 sessions limit) = 90$/month
- PRO (300 sessions limit) = 160$/month
- Premium (1000-5000 sessions limit) = from 300$/month

When purchasing a license for a long term, there is a flexible system of discounts. We also have special conditions and offers for huge teams.

Regardless of the license type, users have access to the most complete functionality of the program. No other fees are provided. After purchase, a full refund is possible within 24 hours without specifying reasons. We update the product quite often, increasing its capabilities and quality, informing our users about the changes.

License purchases are built into the application. We support more than 100 types of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The only official website to download: https://ls.app

The browser has been represented for a long time on a variety of thematical boards, and we are sure that many have heard about it, and some users are already our customers. We will be grateful for the feedback of the people who work with the product. If you have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to hear them.

Announcements from the developer: https://t.me/lscrew
User chat: https://t.me/lsapp
E-mail: [email protected]

The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024
Linken Sphere v9.4.12

Greetings, friends! We recommend getting the major update to version 9.4.12

Linken Sphere has exceptional functionality and is deservedly the flagship of innovation among antidetects. A large number of new features and a constant increase in the number of users naturally leads to many small problems that are difficult to find, but quite easy to fix.

In order to identify possible problems as accurately as possible, several versions ago we began to use an automatic bug reporting system, which points us to problematic areas of the code, so we place great emphasis on ensuring that, despite the amazing number of functions, the program is as reliable as possible - so as much as you can expect from the most technologically advanced solution on the market.

The new version not only updated the engine to the most current version, but also corrected a large number of possible problems in certain scenarios of using the product. We have not forgotten about expanding the functionality, including the local API, which has already become quite popular - we hear all your wishes and are working hard to implement the ideas voiced.

Based on user reports and our own research, we also made a number of changes to the operation of substitutions, making them even better and more reliable.

And we added a few new interesting things:

Search across desktops when moving sessions

Large teams working with a lot of data may have difficulty moving sessions between desktops. Now this problem is gone - you can quickly find the desired desktop using the search.

Additional notification of license expiration

We made two useful changes. First, you can now see a notification that your license is about to expire right in your workspace.

Secondly, after the license expires, the program will no longer immediately close open sessions so that you have time to finish your work. Now the sudden end of your subscription will definitely not take you by surprise - we have made every effort to achieve this.

Animations when deleting

We have repeatedly said that aesthetics is important, and we stand by our position. Every little detail in the product interface affects the experience of interacting with the working tool. Also, additional visual feedback improves the user's sense of control over the user's actions. That's why we added additional animations when removing the main elements - and it's just beautiful.

Full changelog:


Chrome engine updated to version 122
Search across desktops has been accelerated
Faster transfer of sessions between desktops
Improved operation of the running session timer
Navigation in a drop-down list with a large number of providers
Improved geolocation substitution
Optimized clickable zones in the session line
Improved font substitution
Improved quality of mobile substitutions
Improved audio fingerprinting
Improved WebRTC spoofing


Finding desktops when moving sessions
New requests to the API: warming up, moving through desktops, getting a list of desktops
Focus on desktop when internet connection is lost
Animations when deleting desktops, tags, providers, teams and preloaded files
Additional guide step in SWC mode
Loyal end of license
Additional license expiration notices
Ability to use different ports when working with the API
Ability to change the type of substitution from Common to Hybrid when editing a session (for desktop configurations)
Built-in news and update information


Fixed a number of possible crashes
Incorrect launch of sessions with Hybrid mode when using the API
Possible problem with Viewport when resizing the session window
Possible problems when operating Pop-up
Incorrect file name when repeatedly exporting Cookies from the same session
Problem starting sessions with extensions when using the API
Problem with automatically setting geolocation when proxy validation is stopped during session startup
Possible problems with session icons in multi-window mode
Possible bug with displaying the guide when closing the program
Possible problem with the lack of Internet in a session where a broken connection was established
Possible problem with the page when opening the calendar
Error when sending sessions using uppercase in the address
Problem with the link for changing IP not being installed when establishing a connection from the Proxy manager

We continue to work on expanding the number of mobile configurations, preparing new interesting solutions for already familiar functionality. We always welcome your feedback - thank you for being with us!

The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024
Friends, are you sure that you know all the possibilities of the new Sphere and use it to the fullest?

We recommend that you read this short review, in which we tried to succinctly reveal all the main advantages of our favorite product.

Why Linken Sphere?

The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024

Greetings, friends! We recommend getting the major update to version 9.4.12

There have been no interim updates from us for three whole weeks. What does this mean? That's right - many new useful functions were brought to Linken Sphere and a number of problems were cured, antidetect was also improved. The improvement in spoofing has affected both the browser fingerprinting part and the network - a completely new WebRTC spoofing is used now.

In the new version, we also paid attention to the quality of work with extensions, making it possible to synchronize manually installed extensions. But they didn’t limit themselves to this, adding an exclusive opportunity to install them. We improved the quality of teamwork, added more information about the proxies used, upgraded notes and made a number of small improvements to the interface.

And now in more detail:

Bulk upload of custom extensions

Installing your own extensions from the archive is convenient. But what if there are a lot of extensions - should I upload them one by one at a time? No. Because for the first time in the industry, we have implemented the ability to bulk upload extensions! Simply select the extensions you need and upload them the traditional way or drag them into the window. Ready! Bulk upload of extensions is available both when creating a separate session and for setting up a provider, which allows you to reduce the time spent on deploying a workspace. Everything we love and why you love Linken Sphere. No matter how you install extensions, they will be synchronized.

Connection history

No matter what direction we work in, a proxy is what we use every day. And it is very important to have as much information as possible about what we are working with. Not long ago we introduced an innovative built-in proxy check feature, and now we are expanding the functionality by adding the ability to see the history of your connections. Now you always know how long ago the connection was established in each of your sessions.

Show IP along with proxy name

Based on user feedback, we have made changes to the interface that allow you to see the IP address of your proxy even if you use a name to designate it. This will allow you to be sure that when you press the IP change button, the operation was successful and the exact address you need is set.

Search by country when choosing free proxies

Built-in proxies have gained great popularity among our users, so high convenience when working with them is certainly important. At your request, a quick search by country has been added - you no longer need to scroll through the list in order to select the desired location.

Create desktops when adding a team member

The team functionality of Linken Sphere is an example to follow and an example of a thoughtful and high-quality solution. However, there are some bugs here - creating a team and adding a new member previously required you to exit the team menu and go to the desktop to add new desktops. This was inconvenient, so we fixed the logic for adding new desktops in a team. More precisely, we modified it. You can now add new desktops directly while adding a new member. And it's really convenient.

Advanced text editor

We regularly use notes to capture important session-related information. Sometimes this information needs to be highlighted, which was previously impossible. We have improved the text editor and now you can format the text in a way convenient for you. This can be useful both for structuring the material and if you need to additionally highlight a session for a member of your team.

Possibility of manual installation of Do Not Track

The option to disable tracking is not a very important setting and was previously set automatically. However, you very often asked questions about how to work with this parameter, whether it can be disabled or, on the contrary, enabled. In this release, we paid a lot of attention to various antidetect parameters, so along the way we decided to move this setting into a separate function, which will allow you to further customize your sessions as you wish.

Full changelog:

  • Improved work of Canvas and WebGL substitutions
  • Improved WebRTC substitution. The new technology most flexibly closes possible leaks, maintaining the functionality of most types of safe connections
  • Improved screen parameter replacement on MacOS
  • Improved tag logic
  • Description functionality expanded

  • Added the ability to bulk upload custom extensions
  • Added synchronization of manually installed extensions
  • Added session connection history
  • Added search by country when choosing a location for free proxies
  • Added the ability to create a desktop when adding a team member
  • Added display of outgoing IP when using a proxy name
  • Added the ability to manually install Do Not Track
  • Added new timezones for correct geoposition setting
  • Added support for a new format for quick proxy insertion

  • Fixed a possible problem with a white screen when launching the application
  • Fixed possible loss of tabs after warming up the session
  • Fixed a bug with double clicking to select a menu in sessions that are located at the bottom of the desktop
  • Fixed unwanted logout on macOS when internet connection is lost
  • Fixed crashes when using a proxy with a certain geo (for example, Mexico)
  • Fixed a possible bug with the visual validation status after installing a new proxy
  • Fixed a possible bug with proxy validation after changing providers when creating a new session
  • Fixed a bug with starting a session via the API after changing the proxy
  • Fixed Windows Defender erroneously responding to a network library after a client update
  • Fixed 7 patterns leading to application crashes
  • Fixed a number of smaller bugs

We are already testing the Chrome engine updated to version 123. Due to the large number of new features, we have split the update into two parts to ensure greater stability of the application and eliminate possible errors. In addition, other useful and expected features are in the final stages of development - for example, a shopping cart.

Our team sincerely thanks all users participating in the development of the project - thanks to your support, Linken Sphere will always be one step ahead!
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The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024

Greetings, friends! We recommend updating to version 9.5.2

Greetings, friends! We recommend that you update the client to the latest version. You will find an engine update to version 123, a number of bug fixes and several new, long-awaited functionality. Apple m3 configurations have also been added and minor changes have been made to the interface.

More details:


When developing the new generation of the product, we were confident that deleting sessions with additional notification would be sufficient to prevent accidental deletion of necessary information. We were wrong - over the past 5 months, you have repeatedly asked to restore data deleted by mistake. You asked to add a trash can as another step when deleting a session, and we did it. Now complete deletion of data is only possible by moving it to the trash and then emptying it.

What will change - currently we store information for 7 days from the date of deletion, which allows you to restore your data on a support request if this period has not been exceeded.

Now, after deleting from the desktop, the session goes to the trash, where you can restore it yourself within 72 hours, after which it will be deleted permanently without the possibility of recovery. In the trash, you can see the remaining time for storing each session next to its name.

Starting from the current update, the cart is available on all tariff plans and does not take into account session limits.

Editing the file name when exporting Cookies

You can now specify a file name when exporting Cookies. When clicking the export button, an additional step has been added that allows you to specify the required name before completing the operation.

Built-in translator

Another long-awaited feature is now available for use in Linken Sphere. Initially, we traditionally removed all Google services to avoid possible security issues, but the relevance of the translator is undeniable, so we did some work to ensure that it became available without additional risks for unwanted leaks. Now you can safely use the translator in your sessions - the manipulations performed on our part didn't affect in any way of it's speed and quality of work.

Additional Chrome localization

You wanted to see browsers in your sessions in your native language, so we expanded the localization of the product by adding automatic setting of the browser language relative to the language being used in the control window. Now browsers in your sessions will launch in a language convenient for you, which will make your work even more comfortable. Of course, this won't affect the language settings in any way that are set for the target site depending on the geo.

Full changelog:


  • Browser engine updated to version 123
  • Improved interface logic
  • Improved search performance when selecting a free proxy country


  • Added Apple m3 configurations
  • Added trash
  • Added the ability to edit the name when exporting cookies
  • Added built-in translator
  • Chrome localization depending on the language used in the client


  • Fixed a possible bug with click through when using ipstat
  • Fixed a bug with the inability to right-click in a Chrome window when using the API
  • Fixed a possible bug with session cloning when pressing Enter in the description field
  • Fixed incorrect timezone detection in some regions

We've built our next release plan to deliver version 124 as quickly as possible after the upcoming Chrome update. At the same time, there are several more useful innovations on the way that will surely appeal to you.
But that's not all. Right now there are several revolutionary functions in development for all antidetects without exception that will change the rules of the game.

Stay on our wave! :)

The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024

Greetings, friends! We recommend updating to version 9.5.4

Greetings, friends! We have prepared a new update in which we fixed the black screen problem and several possible crashes, and also traditionally added several new features.

Speaking about the black screen, I would like to separately note that the main reason for this problem is the low connection speed to our servers. The black screen issue has been fixed and everything will work fine now. However, if you are faced with this problem (and you may have also previously experienced difficulties with updating), then we recommend that you try using other VPN services when working with Linken Sphere - most likely, improving the quality of the connection will allow you to get a better experience with the application, speed up response to your actions will increase the speed of starting and stopping sessions.

And now more about the new features:

Session activity log

An expected and certainly necessary function when working with a team, and not only that. Previously, you were not able to conduct a retrospective analysis of the actions of your employees, which made it difficult to assess the effectiveness of their work. And even when working alone, it can be very useful to see everything that happened with the session during the interaction with it.

Now you can see every action performed - by whom and when it was performed. Activity History is sure to be a very useful tool that will increase the efficiency of your work.

The action logging functionality is already available in the current update. Its full operation will begin after changes on the server, which will be carried out on 04/06/24 in the time range 6:00 - 9:00 UTC. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that during the indicated time period there may be temporary difficulties in working with the program.

Improved description customization

Session description is a frequently used feature, and the size of the description content is specific to each user, just like the size of the physical screen. In one of the previous updates, we added a text editor that allows you to manage the markup of your description. Now we have gone further and improved the display of the description window by adding the ability to manually set its size. The principle of interaction remains the same - you can use the Enter button to save data, while additional buttons have also been added if you are more comfortable using only a mouse or touchpad.

Ability to disable browser localization

Many users have asked us to translate the browser window into a language more convenient for them, and in the last update we implemented this feature. However, it turned out that another part of users preferred using the old option. That's why we've added the ability to disable advanced localization. You can now manage the Enhanced Localization feature in General Settings.

Full changelog:

  • Improved capabilities for working with session descriptions

  • Session activity log
  • Option to disable advanced localization

  • Fixed an issue with a black screen when launching the application
  • Fixed several possible crashes

We thank all users for high-quality feedback, great ideas and constant help in improving the product - we really appreciate it! The next update is already in progress - it will bring even more useful features and make Linken Sphere even better. Thank you for being with us!

The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024

Greetings, friends! We recommend updating to version 9.6.4

Greetings, friends! It's time to get a new update. As we promised, this time we are one of the first on the market to deliver you a new version of the engine. Our development plan for future releases is structured in such a way as to make this the norm, even despite the stable expansion of functionality.

But just updating the engine is not enough for us, as always, so substitutions have been improved, a number of known problems have been fixed, and several great features have been added!

Let's talk about them in more detail:

New icons to indicate sessions

At your request, we have expanded the set of preinstalled icons, adding new services to them.

Adaptation of proxy name length for extended columns

If you use long proxy names, they were previously not displayed properly even when expanding the column or using a large monitor. We have fixed this issue.

Ability to use direct WebGPU parameters

The WebGPU switch device was previously configured in such a way that it was possible to disable the feature or use an override. Today, the ability to disable is quite useless, so we have expanded the variability of possible session settings by making it possible to use direct values.

And most importantly - Android tablets!

The same uncompromising quality of the mobile emulator is now in tablet format! If you use a large screen and need mobile emulation, this is your choice.

We won’t write a lot of text and repeat ourselves, we’ll just remind you why Linken Sphere's web emulator is a generation higher than any existing analogues.

iOS - coming soon.

Full changelog:

  • The browser core has been updated to version 124
  • Improved language substitution
  • Improved Canvas replacement work
  • Improved proxy display when using a long name

  • Added web emulator for Android tablets
  • Added the ability to select direct WebGPU parameters
  • Added new icons to personalize sessions
  • Added to the Local API removal of provider, change of session name and session state when requesting a list of sessions

  • Fixed a number of patterns leading to crashes
  • Fixed a possible problem when loading start pages
  • Fixed localization errors (Chinese language)
  • Fixed a possible problem with window scaling in SWC mode
  • Fixed problem with mass session stop in automation mode
  • Fixed an issue with an empty provider appearing during team work
  • Fixed work of some user extensions

The next big update in work with useful innovations in functionality. Testing of the updated architecture is already underway, aimed at a significant increase in performance and a significant reduction in traffic consumption when working with the application.

We expect a significant improvement in the quality of the program in the next few weeks, and at the same time we are developing completely new solutions and always listen to your wishes.

We are grateful to everyone for their feedback and loyalty! Thank you for being with us!

The Linken Sphere crew

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Feb 19, 2024

Greetings, friends! We recommend updating to version 9.6.6

Greetings, friends! We recommend that you update to the latest version. This is an intermediate update in which many important, but invisible at first glance, tasks were solved related to improving the performance of the antidetect, passing captchas and the overall stability of the program. Automation capabilities have been expanded, two new functions have been added that will make working with the browser a little more convenient and enjoyable.

And now in more detail:

Display tags in sessions with quick edit ability

When using tags to filter sessions in a workspace, there was the inconvenience of having to enter edit mode to view and change assigned tags. Now you can enable the optional display of tags directly in the session line, as well as add and remove them with one click without the need for additional actions.

Sorting statuses

Linken Sphere uses predefined statuses, which previously always occupied the top of the drop-down menu, making it difficult to interact with manually added statuses, since they were always below. Now you can choose the sort order, which will improve the accessibility of your statuses and simplify interaction with them.

Full changelog:

  • Improved WebGPU and GEO substitutions
  • Improved completion of popular captchas

  • Added the ability to display and quickly edit tags
  • Added the ability to sort statuses
  • Added new API functions: closing the application, logging out of the account, filtering requested sessions by state

  • Fixed a possible problem with duplicating sounds in the interface
  • Fixed an issue with the inability to force stop sessions via the API
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs

We continue testing the updated architecture and are working on further expansion of functionality. We are grateful to everyone for their feedback and loyalty! Thank you for being with us!

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