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What are some basic steps that a Web Admin can take to promote its site, if having only basic SEO Knowledge

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    What are some basic steps that a Web Admin can take to promote its site, if having only basic SEO Knowledge

    Hello All,

    I am having a website of my business i.e. Zubera Classifieds, which is classifieds website running since last many months. I want to improve its ranking (specially on Alexa). What basic steps can I take considering I am having only Basic knowledge of SEO

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    I'm not sure why you would want to increase your alexa rankings, other than if your intent is to sell the website... Alexa rankings has nothing to do with ranking on search engines etc... For Alexa you can claim/verify your Website on alexa.com as well as encourage your web visitors to install the alexa toolbar... Personally I do not care about alexa at all ;-)

    If you are new to SEO then your focus should be on on-page optimization.. There are tons of tutorials for that online... Focus on keywords on title, headers, url etc... use alt image attributes, category sub categories etc... Just search for SEO tutorials... There are so many! Also consider strategies which does not rely on G such as social media and video marketing... Diversify your traffic and that way you build a business which does not depend on G for traffic...

    Also focus your efforts on providing a great user experience... As that matters the most at the end of the day when it comes to conversions/sales... So provide great informative articles, how to videos etc which help... In addition make sure your website is easy to read and navigate....

    Bottom line - my best advice is that you should spend time and effort to learn SEO properly and implement it... There are so many moving parts to SEO... So start off with the easy on-site stuff before moving onto off-page SEO for backlinks etc....

    Best of luck!


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    Thats a very well explained reply Sid. I appreciate your comment & will surely follow the strategies hinted by you. Regarding alexa actually for my own website I dont care but One of my client is very much caring about it . That is the reason I asked

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    There is no need to focus on Alexa ranking. i f you are doing good in organic ranking then your alexa ranking will decrease automatically. And as you said you have basic knowledge of SEO, you just keep focus on your website's on page and on the content of landing pages. Create the meta data (Title, Description, Alt tags, Header Tags etc.) according to landing pages and targeted locations and from the next time when search engine will crawl your website you will see the difference. And side by side you can promote your website on social media channels to get more brand awareness, traffic and if you are doing good in social media, it will effect your ranking too on search engine result page.

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