8 Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page

Jeff Burritt

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Jun 10, 2014
A landing page is the page on your website where a visitor "lands" from an advertisement, an email or a promotional banner in place, to take a desired action such as buying, subscribing to a list , download a number of videos or join a conference. The landing page is used to receive visitors instead of sending the home.

An effective landing page clearly explains what the visitor will get and how. No visible menu navigation links to other pages or other distractions that divert him from the desired action.

There are several points to keep in mind if we get good results with a landing page:

1. Profits
What are the benefits the user by entering your details in our landing page? Whether a document to download, access to exclusive content, additional information that only we share with our subscribers ... whatever has to be clear so that serve as incentive for us user data.

2. An attractive image
What you are offering your visitors will return for his subscription? A picture is worth a thousand words, and a clear picture of what you're offering makes the user to have a tangible perception of what they will receive. It is a way to turn something intangible into something material and palpable that the user will receive in return.

3. Form above the fold
"Above the fold" is the term used to define that part of the screen we see nothing but a web access without the need to move the cursor down (scroll down). And statistics say that the forms or opt-ins that are located in this area are far more effective than those found in other areas of our website.

4. A few of fields in the form
A typical error in the landing pages is to ask a lot of data to potential subscribers. When a user is faced with a form that asks a lot of data not normally enter through laziness or lack of time. So that the less data need much better. Now we shall complete our database with the other information we lack in another time. My personal recommendation is to include no more than 4 or
5 courses.

5. Including bullet points
The bullet points are just bulleted text (points before each sentence) that collect quickly the benefits of your landing page. In this way the user can read a glance points to the benefits of registering for your landing page.

6. Using a Call To Action (CTA)
The buttons include a call to action such as "Put me", "Register" or "Give me high" have a higher success than the typical button with text "Send" percentage. If you are offering a product you could download use call to action "Download Now" or if you're doing a lot the CTA could be "Enter Now". It is that incentives action by the user.

7. Make use of reviews
The reviews are recommendations from others who have already enjoyed what you're offering. This is typical in the pages of sales of products or services. The reviews can be very convincing and motivate the user to take action. If you can, and those people who make your review will permit, it is advisable to introduce good quality photos with their faces. Remember that a review with an image of poor quality can cause the opposite effect we are pursuing.

8. Eliminate distractions
As I explained at the beginning of this thread, the purpose of a landing page is to capture user information, and for that reason it is advisable to eliminate distractions and remove all links that can be on that page. Not interested introduce links because they become traffic leaks. Thus the user has 2 options: enter your details or leave.

What are your tips to make a high converting landing page? what things would you share everyone?
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