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MightWeb - Unmanaged OVZ VPS | RAID 10 | SolusVM | Gigabit | 20% LIFETIME DISCOUNT

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    MightWeb - Unmanaged OVZ VPS | RAID 10 | SolusVM | Gigabit | 20% LIFETIME DISCOUNT

    MightWeb offers reliable, scalable and affordable solutions catered to individuals and organizations alike. Our Virtual Private Servers run on enterprise hardware, in a top-tier datacenter. We pride ourselves in excellent service, great performance, at competitive pricing.

    Special Promotion
    Use the coupon VPSBONANZA to receive a 20% lifetime discount on all packages (for monthly billing terms)!
    Main features
    • RAID 10 Storage
    • SolusVM Control Panel
    • Burstable RAM
    • Multiple OS Templates
    • Enterprise-grade Hardware
    • Fantastic service & support
    • Affordable solutions
    • Gigabit Uplink
    • Instant Setup

    Plans & Solutions

    Tier: 0
    25 GB RAID Storage
    512 MB Guranteed RAM
    768 MB Burst RAM
    500 GB Bandwidth
    Instant Setup

    This Virtual Private Server is perfect for testing/development. As the smallest tier, it featuers a half gigabyte of RAM and is assigned one full core.

    Price $6.95/month
    W/ Coupon $5.56/month
    Read more & Order


    Tier: 1
    50 GB RAID Storage
    1024 MB Guranteed RAM
    1536 MB Burst RAM
    1000 GB Bandwidth
    Instant Setup

    This Virtual Private Server is perfect for smaller projects, and for testing/development. As one of the middle tiers, it still featuers a full gigabyte of RAM and is assigned one full core.

    Price $12.95/month
    W/ Coupon $10.36/month
    Read more & Order


    Tier: 2
    100 GB RAID Storage
    2048 MB Guranteed RAM
    2560 MB Burst RAM
    2000 GB Bandwidth
    Instant Setup

    This Virtual Private Server is perfect for medium-sized projects. As the next biggest tier, it featuers two gigabytes of RAM and is assigned two full cores, allowing it to run heavier applications.

    Price $23.95/month
    W/ Coupon $19.16/month
    Read more & Order


    Tier: 3
    200 GB RAID Storage
    4096 MB Guranteed RAM
    4608 MB Burst RAM
    4000 GB Bandwidth
    Instant Setup

    This Virtual Private Server is perfect for larger projects that require much resources, or that get heavy spikes in usage. As the highest tier, it featuers four gigabytes of RAM and is assigned four full cores, allowing it to run very powerful applications.

    Price $39.95/month
    Price $31.96/month
    Read more & Order


    Read more about our services over at https://mightweb.net/
    You can also give us a call, chat with us, or open up a ticket - should you have any inquiries!

    Frequently asked questions
    Q: Are you a reseller?
    A: No, we are not a reseller.

    Q: What payment methods do you accept?
    A: We accept PayPal and BitCoin (through BitPay)

    Q: Can I, as a client outside of the US/Canada, order from you?
    A: Absolutely! Keep in mind that due to VAT, prices may differ if you're outside of the US.

    Q: Do you have Windows-hosting?
    A: We do not currently offer Windows hosting.

    Q: Can I choose which distribution to run?
    A: Yes, you can. We have multiple distribution to choose from.

    Q: Are there any hidden fees?
    A: There are no hidden fees at all. All prices are listed as is on the website, and during checkout.

    Q: Can I buy a domain name from you?
    A: You can. We offer the most popular top level domain extensions.

    Q: Do you offer additional IP's?
    A: We do offer additional IP's at an added cost.

    Q: Do you offer custom packages?
    A: We might be able to! Go ahead and contact our Sales team with your requirements, and we'll see what we can work out.

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