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Facebook Fanpage Activity Campaign - Grow Your Fanpage to Bigger Levels!

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    Facebook Fanpage Activity Campaign - Grow Your Fanpage to Bigger Levels!

    How many of you actually regularly update your official
    company or business fan page for your site?

    Wouldn't it be good if someone could do everything for you
    and help to grow your sites official Facebook Fanpage for you?

    We can do that for you with our Facebook Page Activity Campaign!

    No Facebook fans = no success basically. So we will help to grow your Facebook fanpage or group naturally to phenomenal levels! We'll regularly post relevant new updates to your fanpage everyday 3 - 5 times a day for up to a week for a price that is fair and worthwhile.

    We'll take the drag out of it all for you and use our Facebook skills to build up your Fanpage naturally and safely getting you thousands of real new fans/likes, shares, comments and other virally rich content relevant to your business or niche market.

    We'll study your current Facebook page and liaise with you to find out what you want and what kind up updates would be good for you. We can post products/services from your site every day with unique descriptions and Call-To-Actions encouraging people to do something like visit your site and subscribe to your list etc.
    How Do We Do It?

    You've heard of the "5-a-day" get your 5 a day vitamins and minerals through eating regular 3 to 5 meals a day. It's guestimated that most Facebook users go on Facebook right after eating one of their "5-a-day" meals. After breakfast or brunch, after lunch dinner or supper. Once they've had real meat and potatoes, we'll give them virtual meat and potatoes too with our 5 A Day Facebook Posting Technique.

    The 5 A Day Technique

    • 3 - 5 updates a day, morning, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper. Keep your fans inspired and engaged with regular fresh quality updates in their timeline!
    • We'll post links to your site using different methods and different text each time as much as possible.
    • Imagine a Facebook Page marketing campaign that is tailored for you, sitting back and seeing it happen day by day while you get all the benefit.
    • You'll have more time to do the more important things! Like dealing with new sales, customers and clients!

    NOTE: This service is for 1 week of updates and work to your page. We'll add 3-5 posts per day to your page and we'll add new real likes (fans) to it through our promotion of it too. We only post things to your Page that are related to your page/site/industry or service/product. We only use real and authentic and safe SMM methods.

    FAQ - FYI

    Will we need Admin access to your fanpage?
    No! We can post as a guest or you can add us an Admin temporarily in order to post as you to your page. Otherwise we can post things as a guest or user but its better if it comes from the Admin/owner.
    How many fans/likes will I get?
    Different people experience different results depending on what the page is, how much demand for the product or thing the page is about, what's posted and how engaging you are with your fans/users. We set a target of a minimum of 500 fans/likes per week.
    What kind of content and things can we post?
    Whatever you want! Mainly images/videos etc from your site. We'll post tantalizing questions related to your industry and use "Call to Actions" encouraging people to visit the link to your site and products/services.
    How will we promote your fanpage?
    We'll promote your fanpage using REAL GENUINE and SAFE methods only. We'll target relevant/related fanpages and groups to yours and not only poach some of their fans/users but build permanent internal links to your page (increasing your pages SEO) This will bring in REAL fans and REAL likes to your page.
    What Niches/Markets can we work with?
    We can work with any niche or market. We have experience in many fields and always research your needs first to make sure its what your target audience requires.
    How long until we get started?
    As soon as you provide us with your Facebook page we'll start posting to it. We are a team of professionals and friends that will post to your page all sorts of things related to you! Think of comments, pictures, videos etc etc. So we can start work immediately within 12 hours and you'll notice the very same day.

    If you have any more questions please let us know and send us a message!
    . Don't ever use junk auto methods or buy any fake likes they are all eggs and are dead weights!
    Only our unique Facebook Page activity service can help you to grow your success on Facebook the right way!

    What are you waiting for? Fortune favors the brave!

    Order now and send us your Facebook Page and watch it EXPLODE with life and activity on a daily basis!


    • This is for 1 week of promotion $50
    • 2 weeks of promotion: $80
    • 4 weeks of promotion: $180

    How To Order?
    You can also use my PayPal vanity URL at paypal.me/thanksmuch
    If its not available in your country yet send me a PM for my PayPal ID.
    Just make payment then send me your details to use.

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    If people really like your company or product of fanpage, just recommend your friends, and watch your fanpage growing in the number of followers. But buying fanpage may be wise for a startup I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawker View Post
    2 weeks of promotion: $80
    What will i get for my Fanpage from this plan?

    How long will the campaign run?

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