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Are free classified Ads a great way to drive website traffic?

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    Are free classified Ads a great way to drive website traffic?

    Hey guys, can anyone point me in the right direction on using free classified ads to drive traffic to my sites, it will give you good traffic if I use free classified ads or should we go with paid classified ads?

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    You definitely need to use both free and paid. You simply post the same Ad with different title and description then you choose the one that gets the most responses. You must do this on as many classified ad sites as you can find.

    Once you've determine which ad is getting the most response on different sites then you can take that Ad and start investing money on it. Start small then scale it up from there.

    Keep placing ads frequently for better results. Update weekly to keep your posts at the top so that you can get more views. Always include keywords so that people can find your ad easily when they search the site, some classified ads may also rank on google.

    You must also search for classified ads that are related to your company/product. For instance, if you're selling cars it's better to place your ad on specific motor car classified ads as compared to posting in the automobile section of a general classified ads site.

    I'm not saying don't use a general classified site, I'm just saying you'll get better results if you use a classified ads site that is targeted to a specific niche.

    Hope that helps

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    Free classified ads are great too but you should also use freeadboards too. You can post in the proper categories and with some you can make money too. They are a great way to get traffic.

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    Classifieds traffic is huge if your niche pertains to the classified sites. For instance a site for automobiles. Furniture. The stuff that really gets searched on classifieds.

    if you want to get tricky with it, you can do like I did, and post ads to craigslist selling cars that are dirt cheap, and have a directory listing on your site. you can make tons of money from ad networks with this traffic. Even AdSense. With adsense there's a bit of a redirection method with cloaking the traffic to make the source look legitimate. But if you think about it long enough, google some of the old affiliate marketing cloaking methods, add some redirects from your own site in htaccess, then you can disguise the source of the traffic so that they wont flag you.

    I got an adsense account banned for craigslist traffic.

    I know someone who just keeps duplicating the same site over and over and throwing a new name and logo on it, hires someone from India post to classifieds, and makes money from various ad networks. He has 20,000 sites that make in between $3-$4 a day. Do the math on that.

    OFF TOPIC:And he drives traffic with scrapebox, and pings ecommerce websites, etsy stores, and etc. He sells SEO services btw.

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    Classified Ads, such as Craigslist and Backpage, doesn't last very long. If you post your ad up on Craigslist, it gets bumped down very quickly.

    To be effective on Craigslist, your ad has to be on all the cities. There's no white hat method to do this, at least not that I'm aware of.

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    Free classifieds is a good way of directing some traffic to your site, but don't expect heavy traffic. I get usually 10℅ traffic using free ads. But I think success depends on your location / country. In my country the best media to post my ads is Facebook, it's where I get 60℅ of my traffic and about 80℅ of my sales.

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    I think most of the classified ads today are paid and has low effectiveness in driving traffic into your site because today there are popular mediums to consider which is better.

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    IMO they're only worth it if the traffic itself is what you're looking for rather than the SEO. A lot of people have the misguided belief that they have SEO value - which they don't have much of. But if your goal is to drive traffic to your site from the ad viewers, they can have value for specific situations. For example, a craigslist ad for a snow plowing business website is a good idea. A craigslist ad for an shipping container manufacturing company is probably not be useful at all - not for SEO or for driving traffic.

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    Classified ads can be good when you pick the right ones. But they are few and far between depending on your niche and they quickly roll off the homepage.

    Press releases using targeted keywords are far better. Generally higher quality backlinks, lots of them and you get SEO traffic, which is the "holy grail" of traffic because it organically ranks meaning visitors trust the site more. I suggest to my clients to use 1-2/mo per website, and it has serious traffic benefits, especially when you can rank for major keywords by leveraging a news website.

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