Hey, Ya Internet Marketing Fanatics!

Have you ever heard about a product called Video Chief? you can be making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in just 4 easy steps:

Log into the video vault,
Choose your niche,
Download a video,
Flip the video and make bank.

you don’t need any video marketing experience to make this work and you don’t even have to worry about any money into the video creation process; with Video Chief, you’ll be able to select from a video library that’s apparently worth a whopping $39,000!

Video library is unfortunately just a bunch of generalized videos with a cheesy, inauthentic spokesperson spitting a few words about a particular product or service. It does contain videos in profitable niches, which is a plus, but it’s ultimately a lackluster and unreliable way to make money online.

Video Chief’s Niches Are Pretty Profitable
There are a few niches in business that are almost guaranteed to be profitable simply for the fact that they’re so common and they’re in areas that a person would happily part ways with their money to get the end desired result. Fortunately, it did one thing correctly and made sure that the niches that the videos are based around are profitable and evergreen-type niches.
In these niches, they’ve created a bunch of videos centered around specific products/services that would be offered. For example, In the “Business Services” niche, they’ve created videos for a cleaning service and an accounting service.
Here’s another example where Joshua has included videos for a dermatologist and a health and nutrition coach in the “Health and Wellness” niche.

Video Chief’s Videos Are Pretty Much Identical
Every one of the videos offered in the video library is essentially the same thing. The video contains a short video (roughly 30-45 seconds long) with an attractive spokesperson spitting some jargon about the product/service on offer. There’s no customization to the service at all, and it essentially makes every single video exactly the same.
Essentially it’s just an attractive female talking about how you should purchase your Architectural service.

Moving onto the next example, we find the same girl spitting the same type of jargon, except for a massage therapy service.

And many other powerful features are waiting for you.

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