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.Info vs .Com?

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Thread: .Info vs .Com?

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    .Info vs .Com?

    .info is good? but people tend to go with website .com not .info so .com is always better than .info? if .com is taken, I should go with .info instead or other domain extensions? any thoughts?

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    I would still stick with .com. Just try variations of the domain name you are looking for.

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    Using a .com should always be your first choice if at all possible. You can try variations as Rob mentioned above to see if you can find something good that is available to register.

    If you can't find anything available for the registration fee then maybe checking out some of the domain selling marketplaces or even posting a "Seeking" thread in the marketplace here might find you something that will fit your needs.

    You can use a .info if there are no other good options available that fit your needs but you have to be willing to leak some traffic to the .com version of your .info domain since that is what most people type by default and are most familiar with.

    There are some other domain extensions out there that you could use also but again I would only use them if there is not a .com available to fit your needs.
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    .com is the king of web domains. Everyone who buys a domain wants a .com. Unless your cause or topic is charity and charity related items or benefits. Then you would want a .org. .net works but it's mostly for things targeted at the younger demo. I have a .net and a .com domain. My .com is for our official site. My .net is for a future venture that will be heavily targeted at a specific niche. But your serious business site should always be a .com. Anything after that should be a spin-off or companion site.

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    Once upon a time, a dot info was considered to be a cheapskate extension. That's basically because the dot info extension was new and domain registrars offered it at a ridiculously low price.

    Now, the situation has changed. Dot info is a legitimate extension, just like dot com. In certain situations, a dot info would make more sense. For example, if the site is purely a knowledge database, then a dot info fits right into the theme. Like, say, cats dot info would be perfect for a site which simply contains information about cats.

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    .Com should be your priority. It is already the convention and choosing other domain suffix may or may not affect our website's traffic. Go with the usual because people tend to follow what they use to familiarize with.

    If you really do not have any choice then maybe go with .org if you represent an organization or .net if you represent a network. If you are an online store then you can try shopify to host your e-commerce store.

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    Depends on what niche you are targeting, .info domains seems to be OK for me, but these are generally pretty low competition niche's. I'd prefer the .com, but I don't mind grabbing a .info if needed. however, .com is definitely better, in terms of consumer trust. You can rank .info's but it's not as easy as a .com. Personally, I would pick .com, .net over .info

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    I would go with .com if you can. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if you have to use .info, but a .com domain will always be more memorable. As some others have already say, you can try variations until you get a suitable .com domain and can even have .info as a secondary domain, but .com should definitely be the goal.

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    .info doesn't really achieve much. People tend to assume it's just an information site. But even then .com is better due to brandability. The only use I found for .info is biographical websites or CV websites. Personal projects maybe for showcasing.
    If possible go with .com.

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