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Why are so many landing pages so very ugly?

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    Why are so many landing pages so very ugly?


    Most of the landing pages that I’ve seen and many of the themes from known providers are ugly as sin. They tend to look kind of scammy, like the known red color, many pull quotes and similar.

    But time and again, marketing firms use these examples and I’m just wondering if there’s some psych to it? Or is it just that there are better looking samples around that work as well, but the shitty ones still work like they used to for years, so marketers continue copying them?

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    It's because they work. Fancy and pretty pages distract people from why they are on the page. Simple short straight to the point landing pages work a lot better.

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    Agreed....may look "ugly" but as long as the conversion is good, these landing pages will still be there. Yes, you can learn about the psychology of colours, fonts, etc etc....but to me, the important things are the messages on the landing page. Focus on these 4 elements...HSBC...Headlines / Subheadlines / Benefits / Call To Action. You can do split test on various landing pages that you create and use the "best" one. Don't be surprised that the best one could be the "ugly" one!!!

    Hope this helps.

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