Introducing My Click Boss Pro™

My Click Boss Pro™ is a PHP script that provides several core click tracking, click control and click management services all in one super affordable professional package. My Click Boss Pro™ is designed to scale with your needs as they grow. Here is a list of the core services provided by the My Click Boss Pro™ Professional Edition.

1. Click tracking services with detailed click statistics. You will always know the exact number of clicks sent to any desired URL and where they came from.

2. Click rotator services that can handle an unlimited number of URL's. You decide how the clicks are sent and how many are sent to each URL in a click rotator.

3. Complete pixel tracking. You can define an unlimited number of pixels to be used to track traffic patterns and conversion rates. Know exactly where your high quality traffic is coming from.

My Click Boss Pro 2.0 ™ is Now in Wide Area Beta Testing!

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