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How can I take advantage of holiday season to boost sales for my e-commerce store?

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    How can I take advantage of holiday season to boost sales for my e-commerce store?

    With the holiday shopping season around the corner, I would like to know how I can take full advantage of this to boost sales for my e-commerce store. Any help on the matter would be useful.


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    First you need to find some place to advertise your e-commerce... did you try to use ad-network or google adsense?

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    Firstly, you should make a analysis of your business:
    - Your target customer (how about their buying behaviour, which season their demand is highest). Then choose one for Big Sale ever in year for release your stock and attract your customers. For example, the coat only HOT SALE in winter, big sale should be there.
    - Focus on your gift to the customer. When your competitors choose discount on the bill, why you don't choose to make the real gifts for your customer by you products in order to make your promotion more unique and that also help you free your stock.

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