How to have fun with your home business and online marketing?

Hugo E.

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Sep 8, 2014
Hello home business owners, what would you do if you feel bored when doing home business or online marketing like you are so busy with contacts, works or orders from your websites or vice versa you disappointed with no sale on your sites?

So right off, how to have fun while getting your daily home business tasks done completely?


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Dec 22, 2015
Well they say when work is a pleasure, life is a joy.

And work is a pleasure if its paying off for you. Eventually you have to do less and less boring things for a while before you can start enjoying the finer things in life for a while.

It's all about making sacrifices in business if you want your business to survive sometimes and sometimes that means doing things that are boring but important too.

I wouldn't ever consider it boring having to do something that related to me making money though like dealing with customer orders but without them I would be bored but would find something else to do.

The devil makes work for idle hands! So always keep busy even if you're bored! ;)


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Dec 21, 2015
Hello Hugo,

First off, why would you be busy with orders, yet have no
sales? How exactly does that work???

In any case, in my opinion, if you are no longer having fun
with your business, then it is no longer a business, it is a
J.O.B., and if you're not having fun at your J.O.B., why would
you stay and continue doing it, especially for NO MOULAH?!?

Again, in my opinion, in order to be as successful as possible,
you have to really love what you are doing, whether or not you
are getting paid ATM. What you need to be doing, however, is to
make sure that you're having fun while building something that
WILL make money, even if in the future.

For example, there are many months where my business will be in
a lull. Now, it's not that it's in a lull for months, but if it gets to a
point where there is a lull in paid jobs or clients, I'll take that time
to start on a new software, or a new web app, which typically
leads me to spending ALL my time focusing on the project at hand.

Now, even though I am not making any money because I am not
actively promoting or looking for clients because I'm too enthralled
with the software I am working on, I know that once I am done,
and get back to marketing and promoting, etc... eventually, that
software or app WILL end up making me money, so, I never get
bored with what I am doing...

To me, online success is not JUST about the money. YES, the
money IS important, after all, the excitement and thrill I receive
from programming is NOT going to keep the lights on or food in
the fridge for the kids to eat, however, REAL success is being
able to make enough money doing what I love and what I have
fun doing. Otherwise, as a professionally trained chef, I could
be cooking in someone else's kitchen making THEM rich off of
my skills...

One of the easiest ways to have fun while you're working is to

I read somewhere, that one of the biggest hurdles to get over
when starting your own business is the lack of socialization.
The lack of being around others, the lack of interaction with

So, to overcome that, I have built up a large network of
programming friends who I chat with ALL DAY long, be it on
Skype, IM, text, email, forum messages, social media, and yes,
even telephone and house visits. A few programming buddies and
I even meet up a few times a month at a local coffee shop and
share "war stories", code snippets, ideas, etc...

Another way to have some fun is to be yourself with your

When I first start out online, I didn't really enjoy it. That was when
the internet was new and no one trusted it, so you had to act like
a Fortune 500 company, even if YOU were EVERYTHING (the coder,
the support guy, the scheduler, the appointment setter, the cold
caller, the supervisor, the... you get the point) so you really couldn't
just "be yourself'.

As the internet aged, so did the "do all, be all" attitude of
everything. Now, you are perfectly able, and quite expected to,
be yourself...

I am a very big joker, I am always joking about something, and
being able to be that way with customers is important because
it let's them get to know the real me, while enabling me to
continue loving what I am doing...

One final thing... My trade, I am a professional chef. Love to
cook and create, which is why I also love to design websites
and software... So, one way to make sure I am always having
fun is to combine my hobbies...

Now, one may say "how would you combine cooking and web
design and programming and others will already know how...

Most of my paid jobs are for restaurants, bakeries, food trucks
and anything else related to the culinary field. 90% of the sites
in my portfolio are for restaurants. Many of the software I have
created are some form of custom P.O.S. systems, online order
scripts, catering scheduling scripts, etc...

My joining my TRADE skills with the skills I have now, I am able
to enjoy the best of both worlds, which in turn, makes it all that
much more fun for me...

The bottom line is this...

To me, if you're not having fun doing what you're doing, it's
time to move on to something else... Skills without thrills
just equals a disaster waiting to happen...

Again, these are just my opinions, others may think otherwise,
but to each his/her own...


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Aug 30, 2015
Having fun is very important and that is why most online marketers should choose niches that they're passionate about.

So that settles half of the issue. The other half is being effective in your marketing which includes all the work involved in SEO and stuff like that. You want to build natural and organic links so that people can find you and visit your site. Building traffic maybe what many marketers get bogged down with most (outside of the drudgery of content in niches you really have no business being in).

What you need to do is to find ways of optimizing your efforts, which of course begins with your site. If your site is lacking, you are really over burdening yourself with SEO tasks to no end.

Finding the "fun" I think will give you the advantage over the competition. Focus on what works and build with an "hands on" approach - which means that you identify what SEO your niche and then website needs, master it, teach others and duplicate your efforts = work smart & have FUN!
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