Hello dear entrepreneurs and business minded individuals.

If you've ever wondered how simple and easy it is to make money with your own iPad and iPhone apps but thought it was too hard or only for those with years of experience and lots of contacts.

Well think again! Because in this eBook I show how easy and simple it is to actually make money with your own simple iPhone/iPad apps.

Right now, there are many people making money by making simple apps for the iPhone and iPad.

And you don't need to have a lot of skills or knowledge to do the same!

This little eBook was actually written a few years ago now and its just been sitting on my old HDD not doing anything.

So I've spent today updating it and updating the resources but the information is still relevant for today in learning how to make money with iPhone and iPad apps.

It shows how you don't need to be an expert or even have an amazing app to be able to make money by creating iPhone and iPad apps.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Apps
  • Generating New App Ideas
  • Copying Existing Apps
  • What Do You Need?
  • Outsourcing App Development
  • Software and Services for Development
  • Marketing Your App
  • Forum Marketing Your App
  • Press Releasing Your App
  • Blogging About Your App
  • Valuable Resources

Excerpt from the eBook

Right now there are a lot of people that are making very good money by making simple apps for the iPhone and iPad. And you don't need to have a lot of skills or knowledge to do the same and also make money with your own iPhone + iPad apps.

Don't think and feel like you've been left behind, now is never a better time to get involved and be your own app developer. The industry is still fairly young and if you get involved now this can pay dividends later on as there's a very good chance you can make a lot of money by making your own free and paid apps for iPhone and iPads.

Fortunately most apps made for the iPhone work on the iPad too so it kills two birds with one stone. And in this report you'll learn some of the basics of creating an iPhone/iPad app. And I've included some valuable resources to get you started.

The time to get involved and do this is NOW! The longer you leave it, the more money you are loosing out on!
How to Get it?

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It's not the most in depth and most in detail resource but will get you started and arm you with important things to know if you decide to go this route.

If you do and stick at it there is no reason why you could not retire early from making your own simple apps!

I'm not posting this here just for a plug, I genuinely feel its valuable content that anyone considering this field would be able to use to their advantage.

It just breaks down those barriers and any myths you might have about it by applying real life examples and a way to get ideas and inspiration.

PS. I will complete a much revised edition of this in the coming months so anyone that buys this now can get that for free when its released.

If you have any imaginational powers at all, you absolutely can make money with your own simple iPad and iPhone apps.